Elegant model, the essence of sea water -sea blue gemstone

Elegant model, the essence of sea water -sea blue gemstone

As the birthplace of March, the sea blue gem symbolizes calmness and courage. Its English name is Aquamarine, which comes from “Aqua” (meaning: water) and “marina” (meaning: sea) in Latin. Therefore, sea blue gems also mean the essence of sea water.

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The green pillars are a family with a certain influence in the color gemstone industry. In addition to the famous emeralds in their family members, there are also low -key sea blue gems. The sea blue gem is fresh and refined, clear, and quiet, while bringing a sense of elegance, it also won the love of the jewelry designer.

Sea blue gems are the mainstream inlaid stones of many international jewelry brands, such as BVLGARI (Bulgari), Cartier (Cartier), Dior (Dior), Tiffany (Tiffany), Van Cleef & Arpels. Especially the high -quality sea blue gem that can reach San Maria blue, the value in the auction is also increasing.

BVLGARI Bulgari’s Dream Bellezza Sea Slapping Necklace

Tiffany Tiffany Sea sapphire butterfly brooch

BOUCHERON Poetry Hopi Hopa Blue Semon Human Bird Styling Ring

If you also like to be full of charm, sea blue gems,

Then follow the editor to learn about it!

About the origin of sea blue gemstones

Sea sapphire is mainly produced in Brazil, Madagascar and other countries. Brazilian sea sapphire mines and other colors of green pillars are mainly located in Minaskilas. Sea blue gems are mainly produced in Weijingyan, and coexist with minerals such as Topa Stone. Madagascar has a variety of green pillars. In addition, in the African countries, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia and other countries, it was found that there were small blue jewels that were small but dark, and their rough stones were less than 5 carats. The origin of sea blue gems is the United States, Myanmar, India, Tanzania, Argentina, Norway, Northern Ireland and other places.

Learn to distinguish the sea blue gem and Topa stone

First of all, sea blue gems refer to the green, green, blue to blue -green green stones. Under normal circumstances, the color of the sea sapphire is lighter, and some of the dark sea sapphire on the market are treated with yellow green pillar stones. In addition, there are also blue Topa stones (including color modification Topa stone) that are easily confused with sea blue gemstones, because both are non -homogeneous body and the refractive index is similar. The liquid wraps, it is easy to confuse when observing the naked eye. In terms of color, the blue gems are generally lighter, sky blue and lake blue, often hazy, with yellow and green tones; and the blue of Topa stone is generally darker, and it has some darkness with some darkness. Color tone, relatively clear and transparent. Regarding the bodies of gemstones, the characteristic internal bags of the sea blue gem are tubular wraps and rain silk wraps; and Topa Stone can have two insoluble liquid bodies inside the Topa stone. In addition, the refractive index, density and absorption spectrum of the two are also different. Through laboratory testing, we can find the difference.

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Topa Stone (Figure Source Network)

How to buy sea sapphire

Regarding the purchase of sea sapphire, you can refer to the following points:


In the sea blue gem, the “San Maria” sea blue gem is famous for its bright, blue and no brown (yellow) color blue, making gemstone love at first sight. It is named “Santa Maria” because of its Santa Maria de ITABIRA mine. Due to the magnificent color of the gemstone produced in the local area, “San Maria” gradually became synonymous with high -quality sea sapphire. In addition to San Maria Blue, the more gorgeous and sky blue, the higher the price, the higher the price.

Dore degreasing:

The higher the transparency of the sea blue gemstone, the higher the price, the higher the price. However, there will be some impurities and flaws of sea blue gemstone crystals, which are traces left by nature.

Inner content:

The inner contents of the sea blue treasure will have cotton flocs and ice cracks. The less these impurities, the more transparent the crystals, the higher the price.


For any gem, the greater the weight of the carat, the higher the value. Under the same quality elements of sea blue gems, the larger the sea blue gems, the higher the value of the collection.

Cut work:

Like other colored gems, the excellent cutting can present the fire color of the sea blue gemstone, and the use of different cuts can make the wearer of the sea blue gemstone show different styles.

As the potential stocks of appreciation among gemstones, the sea blue gemstone, the focus of the purchase of three points is:

1. Don’t blindly attach to the size, and the color is also important.

2. The value of the sea blue gemstone in the dark blue of the sea water is high, and the lighter the color, the lower the value. The color of the gem should be positive, try not to mix ash.

3. Beware of confusion with other gems.

Finally, I hope everyone can find the beloved gem.

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Sea blue gem jewelry (picture source network)

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