How to deal with skin sunburn

How to deal with skin sunburn

The skin that is sunburned becomes fragile and easily causes changes in skin cells, which leads to many complications, so sunscreen work is particularly important.

How to deal with skin sunburn? These 4 measures allow you to repair it easily!

1. Cold compresses of ice cubes

After sunburn, the skin will have a burning pain. At this time, use cold items, such as wrapping the ice cubes in a towel, or directly applying it to the body, which can have a good cooling effect to repair the sunburn. Cold compresses are the most direct way to deal with sunburn.

Second, tea leaf water application

Tea contains tannic acid, which can alleviate the skin after the swelling. After making tea, you can take a clean cotton or cotton ball, and gently wipe the sunburn. However, this method is suitable for mild sunburn, and it is not suitable if it is serious.

Third, cucumber juice

Cucumber is cold and has a lot of moisture, and its vitamins can enhance skin regeneration, which has a good repair effect on peeling peeling.

Fourth, aloe juice application

Aloe vera contains a lot of water, which has a good repair effect on the burned skin. And the aloe vera juice is relatively cool, and it will feel cool and comfortable on the skin.

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