What are the purchase standards for the hardware accessories of hardware accessories

What are the purchase standards for the hardware accessories of hardware accessories

In the decoration, hardware accessories are like human joints connecting various parts, and high -quality hardware accessories can not only enable indoor devices to be used normally, but also have a good decorative effect. Next, I will introduce the standards for purchasing standards and hardware accessories for hardware accessories.

What are the hardware accessories

1. Furniture hardware accessories

Hand, slide, zipper, partition sales, screws, hardware, multi -station machines, turntables, hanging pendants, pneumatic rods, etc.

2. Cabinet hardware accessories

Drops, baskets, racks, rack lights, hanging cabinets pendants, pull baskets, sinks, etc.

3. Mold hardware accessories

Guidance, punching, punching, no oil sliding plate, self -lubricating guidelines, thimble, independent guide columns, etc.

4. Hardware accessories for ships

Plugs, cables, cable conductors, card heads, flower orchids, unloading, etc.

5. Bag hardware accessories

Aluminum strips, mushroom nails, steel wire rings, steel rings, rivets, three rivets, pull cards, square rings, aluminum strips, courses, signs, etc.

6, doors and windows hardware matching

Plugs, beads, hinges, multi -point locks, lock boxes, plugging, handpan, hand -hand, glass glue, handle, harmony, glass glue, etc.

7. Hardware stamping accessories

Flat pads, springs, shotons, round pieces, surface cover, nameplate, terminal, marking, punching parts, moving arm, etc.

8. curtain wall hardware accessories

Glass claws, duplicate claws, glass curtain walls, refuting joints, glass clips, glass glue, railing armrests, curtain wall claws, foam strips, rotary connections, gluten glue, chemical bolts, etc.

9. Hardware accessories accessories

Cartoon characters, wearing jewelry, zodiac signs, letters, twelve constellations, letters, pendants, etc.

10. Decoration hardware accessories

Sealing strips, door nose, advertising nails, metal cranes, cabinet legs, blockers, curtain rods, iron pipes, screws, pull rivets, cement nails, glass brackets, glass clips, tapes, plastic bloating tubes, aluminum alloy ladders, etc.

Standards for buying for hardware accessories

1. Flexibility

No matter what hardware accessories choose, the first choice to consider is flexibility, especially the accessories that are often turned on and off. If you use it, you will feel unsatisfactory. It is best not to buy it, otherwise it will affect life.

2. Not easy to rust

Hardware accessories also need to consider rust problems, especially places that are vulnerable to moisture. Generally, when choosing hardware accessories, you can choose a zinc plating appliance on the surface.

3. Sealing

You must choose a well -sealed hardware accessory, so that the service life of the home supplies is relatively high.

4. Beauty

Considering the beauty of hardware accessories, the hardware accessories should not only be prominent in use, but also the decorative effect is also a highlight. It is diverse and rich in color, and it looks good in the living room.

Home hardware contains: drawers, pull baskets, door hinges, handles, etc.

During the use of home hardware accessories, it will cause the furniture to lose some functions. Therefore, when maintaining furniture, hardware accessories also need a certain amount of maintenance. The following is the maintenance skills of the home hardware accessories provided by you. Care for them:

1) Drops, pull baskets, especially the sliding rail parts should not be in contact with acidic cleaning agents, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, water and other items. If it is found, it should be erased in time.

2) Limited capacity of pulling baskets itself, so the built -in items need to be measured, and too much weight will damage the pulley. For large -scale hardware such as high -body baskets and rotation baskets, pay attention to the direction of rotation and stretching, and avoid using the dead force. When switching the drawer, avoid excessive force to prevent the sliding rail from getting out or being impacted.

3) Keep the door hinge and pull hands clean and dry. Do not hang heavy objects or wet objects on your hand, such as when the door panel is loosened. Avoid cleaning the ball with metal when cleaning. Stubborn stains can be removed with a lot of clean cloth dipped in washing powder, soapy water, etc., and finally washed and dry with water.

4) The door hinge and the basket of the basket should be used to ensure that the switch is free and prevent rust.

5) The volatile acid items that have been opened in the cabinet should not be stored to avoid the surface and sliding rails of the corrosion of the hardware.

The above is the introduction and description of Furniture Hardware Fitting Lock Cylinder Mailbox Lock Drawer Lock with Key, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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