Change the bad sitting position, this study table and chair set endorsed by Ying Caier -Really fragrant

Change the bad sitting position, this study table and chair set endorsed by Ying Caier -Really fragrant

Once we were the flowers of the motherland. Although we grew into a pot of succulent, we still wanted my daughter to grow into a rose.

After the 1980s, we have also been parents. In retrospect, only the things of the student days are vivid. At that time, we were really happy, and I was carefree to run and jump on campus every day. May There are not many furnishings in the classroom. A simple blackboard, a small whip, and a table and chair that often falls at the bottom. Perhaps at that time, I developed the habit of lying on the table and writing homework at that time, which led to the less upright body and the glasses in front of my eyes today!

Speaking of this daughter, I patted me and said; “Mom, I don’t like you like you” to take off the glasses, I can’t see what the words I wrote in front of me. I laughed, then you have to have a correct sitting posture to be like a mother!

This is not only a set of tables and chairs, but also a kind of expectation for her parents to her children. I look forward to her elegance and extraordinary temperament when she grows up! In this way, Cobenson Cobenson’s learning table+Venus chair set entered my vision of me and her dad. The pink and tender appearance made her daughter ecstatic, as if picking up the baby, and stroking the tables and chairs like it.

The products endorsed by the big star Ying Caier are different, and the quality is really guaranteed. The structure is reasonable, and the storage space fully meets the child’s daily use. Coupled with environmental protection materials, non -toxic and tasteless, you can use it at home, so that each parent can rest assured to have such a learning table and chair.

The supporting support point of the table and chair of Ce Besson is still very good. The high -carbon steel structure table has a strong and powerful support point. The maximum load bearing is up to 200kg. I believe that the data will scare you in front of the computer. No matter how the baby in front of the table shakes the table without signs of shaking.

The imported materials meet the formaldehyde content higher than the Japanese F4 star standard, healthy and environmentally friendly, and no harm to the body. I believe this is enough to rest assured that the child has completed his homework on the desktop? Of course, the man -reflected wear -resistant table board allows children to paint on the desktop, do manual, read, play games, etc., and do not have to worry about damage.

The highest height of the table can be adjusted to 76cm. The area of ​​the large desktop can be placed in various learning utensils. Two small drawers can put some scissors, handmade paper, pen, etc. Essence

5V table lamps are also included in the gift. To be honest, it is very practical. It is quite thoughtful. The only thing that is not the same is to match the charging head alone. Of course, the storage box is also an indispensable partner on the desktop. There are also gifts here. Some children’s debris can be placed inside.

There are many large and small storage drawers. Usually putting some children’s beloved things is still enough.

A reader is also equipped with a reader, allowing children to place books when studying. Of course, it is also possible to put a tablet online lesson.

Under the desktop, there is a large drawer, which also has some simple separators, which can put some books and some learning utensils.

There is a linked on both sides of the table. This design saves a lot of space. The schoolbags are no longer placed on the way. You can hang it on both sides.

The lifts of the learning table are all mechanical operations. The material is durable and basically not a bad design. I do n’t know, the merchant is afraid that it is not bad for a table for a lifetime, and there is no consumer group?

The hydraulic lifting rod looks quite thick and there is no oil leakage. Quality is still worthy of recognition.

The size of this table is 60+120cm. Not only can you sit down the child, even if you are reading a adult next to you, the space on the desktop is more than enough.

At the same time, this table and chair suit is worth showing off. It is in line with the function of protecting the children’s vision and correcting sitting posture. I believe this selling point is enough to make the eyes shine!

When painting, you can lift the desktop panel without fear of holding your shoulders for a long time, affecting the child’s normal development.

The height of the table and chairs can be adjusted according to individuals. The official announcement is relatively wide, and it can be easily controlled by 3-18 years old. But we use in their thirties, and there is nothing wrong with it?

Correcting sitting positions and preventing myopia, not only the credit of learning tables, Venus chairs are also contributed. Small noodles talk about Mercury seats.

A good seat is often the most effective way to correct the sitting position. At present, how can there be a huge stressful and long -term desk, how can there be no comfortable chair?

Even in the small house, this table and chairs do not occupy any space. Finally, the bottom of this chair is equipped with five gravity lock wheels. As long as it exceeds 5kg, the wheels will be automatically locked, and it will be unlocked automatically after getting up. In terms of the nature of the child’s love, this design is absolutely.

Let’s take a look at this chair equipped, and use the full back -to -back package to fit better on the back of the child. Safety and comfort don’t have any dissatisfaction. Just like a child in his mother’s gentle embrace.

3D three -dimensional easily realizes 3 90 ° back support 90 °, elbow support 90 °, and foot support 90 °, which can correct the correct sitting position of the child at any time.

The cushion from the imported 5cm latex layer of Thailand, a three -layer material layer, a high -bullet sponge layer, a PP wear -resistant layer, and a saddle -shaped bump design make the daughter sitting on it very comfortable.

The elbow can not only support the adjustment of 90 ° front and rear, but also adjusts at a height of less than ten centimeters according to the height of the user.

The chassis of the seat reserves the position of the foot, allowing children to have a relaxed sitting position and study for a long time. This is very important.

The seat can be adjusted to the height of the back and the cushion height, and the length of the cushion can also be increased or decreased. Husband had tested that 180 pounds of men can sit very comfortably.

The benefits of big brands, in addition to the quality of the quality, think of the child’s natural love, and fear of staining the seat. Even this semi -surrounded chair cover is given away, which is really intimate.

It has been used for almost a month. Except for sleeping after school, my daughter spent most of my time in front of the table. It is much better compared to the four parents in the previous week, and at least it also increases some good learning attitude.

The fine quality of workmanship and reasonable layout, I give full marks in the face value. The two colors are used for the public to choose from, which are blue and pink, which are the colors that children prefer. Clean aldehydes also make children use more peace of mind. Functionally speaking, it can also help children to prevent myopia and correct sitting positions, which will assist children in a good habit in the future. Overall I am more satisfied with this Kobeson learning table and chair suit. And so many gifts are quite affordable, basically no additional consumption!

The overall feel is very good, but some episodes appeared during the installation when installation. Finally, the video was installed to assist it before it was successfully installed.

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing, let’s see you next time!

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