American industry evaluation: How to defeat peers in details? SPA management

American industry evaluation: How to defeat peers in details? SPA management

How to defeat peers in details?

After discussing skin beauty, body, and eye care, do you think this is all? In fact, we often ignore a “invisible killer” that really sells age -eyeball!

Clear and black and white eyes, no matter what age, it will give a slight sense of girly. The beautiful pupils will be like a starry sky, the clearness of the eyes decreases, and the turbidity increases year by year, which will only lead to the heavier age.

This issue has received a product that is worth recommending for [Eye “problem!

Evaluation store: KY to Yan Yan Technology Skin Management Center

Project name: Wei Eye Dripping SPA Management

Service Index: ♥♥♥♥♥

Recommended index: ♥♥♥♥♥

Beauty salon environment

This time the store is our old friend KY to Yanmei Skin Management Center. Following the macaron rejuvenation recommended by you in the previous period, I found a very good targeted project [Wei Eye Dripping SPA Management]

Take a look

[First Step] Eye cleaning, product preparation

The product sets of the experience include the eyes of the eyes, Qingying Huancai Essence, Qingying Huancai Massage, Qingying Huancai Spray, Eye Paste Mask and Massage Tools.

[Step 2] Eye SPA Drop/Apply Eye

Before I tick, I took a picture to take the eyes before my care. If I did n’t do this evaluation, I have n’t observed my eyes for a long time, and the red blood is so scary.

[Step 3] Soothing Huancai spray and eye mask in the eyes

【Step 4】 Polytestander acupoints, net lymphatic rows

The eyes are matched with professional operating tools, soaked with hot water to promote the release of trace elements. Massage the forehead and lymphatic acupoints.

【Step 5】 Eye acupoint massage

Pointing therapy is one of the characteristics of only eye care. It can stimulate the eye of the eye through the stones that can make the experiencer’s meridian qi and blood unobstructed and promote the normal physiological function of the affected area.

Look at the comparison chart

A strong comparison feeling, the eye pressure of the left eye when I opened my eyes was particularly high, and the sense of swelling was very shocked. At the same time, because the ciliary muscles are soothing, the size of the size is standing! The right eye is much larger and the eyeballs are brighter and more powerful! It’s immediate!

After the operation on both sides is completed, let’s take a look at the changes in the eyes of the eyes after the eyes of the eyes! Red blood silk is significantly reduced! The eyeballs are brighter and more magical. After the intraocular pressure is relieved, the whole person’s comfort is doubled, and the mind feels awake! It is a product that is effective immediately!

Tips that must be known

Blu -ray: Blue light can cause damage to retinal cells, leading to decline in vision or even loss. Among them, short-wave blue light between 400-450 nanometers has the greatest harm to the retina, and these damage is irreversible.

Source of Blu -ray: A large number of blue light exists in the light of computer displays, fluorescent lamps, mobile phones, digital products, displays, LEDs and other light. The blue light within the wavelength will increase the amount of toxins in the macular area in the eyes and seriously threaten our eye health.

Harm of Blue Light: Caused a decrease in vision. Causes visual fatigue. Get worse.

Therefore, it is recommended that you wear anti -blue light glasses, look more green things, and do more eye health exercises to relieve eye fatigue when you use your eyes. Choose effective projects to care for your eyes!

Principles of the efficacy of only eye products: Through nano -transparent skin technology, pure plant components are crushed to nano -grade through nanomification, and can be quickly penetrated and absorbed by rubbing. Simple products can achieve 60%effect.

The range of eye conditioning of the eyes: dry eye conditioning/eyebrow/itchy eyes/visual fatigue/welcoming tears/pseudo myopia/old flowers/eyebrow meat/vision decrease/red blood/macular/cornealitis/tears Capylitis/vitreous turbid. Eye conditioning Eye Weekly Environment/Improvement of Eye Circles/Bag/Black Circles/Eye wrinkles. Prevent glaucoma/cataract/flying mosquito disease.

Shi Shi: Shangpin vermiculite has the effect of soothe the gods, regulating qi and blood, and clearing the meridians. The far -infrared rays and ultrasonic pulses emitted by vermiculite can promote microcirculation and regulate metabolism.

The role of vermiculite: massage. The vermiculite can produce the ultrasonic pulse of the body, put a certain pressure on the cells, change the state of the diseased cells, and achieve the purpose of cure. Thermal effect. The human body absorbs the energy of vermiculite ultrasonic, and the blood circulation of the skin is accelerated. It can analgesia, relieves muscle spasm, and improves tissue microcirculation. Biology. The ultrasonic waves from vermiculite can change the metabolic environment and state in the human body.

That’s it for the evaluation today, don’t miss effective projects! I will definitely give you a different experience and gain! Meet it again next time! Bleak

Eye Massage Instrument Recommendation: eye wrinkle massage

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