What are old people shoes? How about the old people’s shoes?

What are old people shoes? How about the old people’s shoes?

With the deepening of China’s population aging, and the attention of middle -aged and elderly people to improve the quality of life and their own safety, the silver -haired economy has emerged in recent years, and more and more aging industries have begun to rise. market.

So what is an old man’s shoes? The old people’s shoes are designed for the size of the elderly, mainly in safety and comfort, followed by styles, brands and prices. “Comfortable to the foot”, “non -slip safety”, “specially designed according to the characteristics of the elderly”, “not squeezing and not tired,” the main features of the elderly shoes. These characteristics meet the needs of middle -aged and elderly people, especially the star advertising marketing promotion of the concept of multifunctional concepts of “elderly shoes”, which further strengthens the desire to buy in middle -aged and elderly people. Among them, elderly footwear refers to sports shoes for the elderly for walking, jogging, traveling and other sports and leisure shoes. Most design is rubber bottom and soft leather bottom. Most of them are selling good shock absorption effects and conforming to the characteristics of the elderly’s foot shape. Propaganda can have a certain protection effect on the feet and knee joints of the elderly. The price also covers dozens of yuan. Rare to a few hundred yuan.

So what about the old people’s shoes among many old people’s shoes?

At the beginning of Bili Jian’s elderly shoes, he was committed to solving the problem of shoes of the elderly. In order to make the middle -aged and elderly people wear comfortable shoes, Fuli Jianjian’s shoes designed special shoe sacrifice. Based on the existing domestic shoe -shaped standard code in China, the old man’s shoes and shoe 健 are based on the collection of the elderly’s foot type big data (user center has data support). The clinical experience of the ministry, seven dimensions such as feet long, foot width, palm fence, waist circumference, back dimension, pocket fence, toe thickness (with seven dimensions of specific data support, modify and polish according to ergonomics, number through numbers, numbers through numbers, numbers through numbers, numbers through the number of ergonomics. Hundreds of elderly people experienced the data summary of data, and then after thousands of modifications and polishing, finally developed and developed professional elderly shoes suitable for the elderly Chinese people. With shoes suitable for the elderly, we can design shoes that are really suitable for the elderly. Essence

In addition to professional shoe tadpoles, in order to make the elderly bend less or even bend over when wearing shoes, they designed the “shoe pullback heel” for the elderly for the elderly. The influence of the production process, the rear heel is 45 degrees, and the angle of the topic will be about a few degrees.) Tilled, coupled with the imitation funnel -type shoe mouth, the tongue and the heel form a angle of about 135 degrees. Put on one foot and put it on.

I believe that such a pair of elderly people can easily get users’ love.

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