Maintenance of air compressor accessories

Maintenance of air compressor accessories

It is also important to maintain replacement parts when ensuring the normal operation of the screw air compressor. The common problems are as follows:

1. Check the lubricant daily, and the oil level is maintained in the middle of the two red lines or red lines of the oil mirror.

2. The lubricant in the ventilation of the crankshaft box should be replaced regularly. Each run 800 hours is replaced, and special oils for screw air compressor are selected.

3. The bypass valve and the automatic exhaust valve should be cleaned regularly. Disassemble the valve once a year and clean the carbon.replace.

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4. The waste in the gas storage tank should be cleared regularly. Each running of the sewage should be processed once every 10 hours, and the drain valve at the bottom of the gas storage tank is turned on to allow the air compressor to run under pressure for several minutes under the pressure of 0.2MPa.

5. Check the stability of the safety valve once a month and the tight pine of the triangular band.

6. The air filter element is cleaned every month.

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