Stainless steel sanitation trash can

Stainless steel sanitation trash can

3.7 Fang supporting stainless steel hook arm car trash bins and garbage trucks, the box volume of 3.7 cubic 2500*1500*1000 sides 2 bottom 2 compartment on both sides of the small door, 4 supporting wheels at the bottom of the bodyAnd 2 standing pillars, which is convenient for the adjustment angle of the carbopic hook with the carbure truck, and it is convenient for the garbage to set the other customer customization.

National Six Small Card Star 1580mm wide cab, Quanchai 95 horsepower (Q23-95C60), single row front, 5th gear, 6.00R16 steel tire, moving, ABS, adjustable steering wheel, air-conditioning power control, flameout, and flames,Patrol, adjustable headlights, brake self -adjusting arm, oil brake bangs and double cylinder lift, electronic control indoor and outdoor hydraulic operation, with a qualified certificate with the car, chassis ticket+upper ticket+environmental protection, warranty manual, car tool for other car tools and otherStandard by the manufacturer.

Internal size: 3200 × width 1800 × height 900, thickness of the bottom plate 4, and 3 thick edge.With overall electrophoresis, face paint apple green (Zhonglian aurora green), the word is white.

Quality garbage bin product recommendation: China Wholesale Standard Size Stainless Steel Metal Waste Bin,Trash Can.

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