Let the female ticket fall in love with fitness, red Jaybird X3 Wireless sports headset evaluation

Let the female ticket fall in love with fitness, red Jaybird X3 Wireless sports headset evaluation

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The Bluetooth headset of the sports female ticket was broken, so the mission of looking for new headphones fell smoothly on me and looked at the red Jaybird X3 Wireless. The brothers of the headset are a little helpful

Packaging: hard packaging, front sealed painting

On the back, the characteristic introduction of multi -language headphones

The packaging box is the side magnetic opening method of the book -style type

After opening, there are two schematic diagrams on the left side of the headset. At the same time, the two ways of wearing of ear hanging and ears are one of the bonus points.

There is a sealing sticker at the bottom

After opening the seal, open the transparent cover, and you can remove the headset and use it

The internal packaging is divided into two layers, the first layer is the headset body, and the second layer is attachments such as attachments and instructions

Attachments are in black storage bags

Including two pairs of thermal (one pair on the earphones) of three sizes

Two materials, three -sized earplugs a total of six pairs of earplugs (silicone material and memory cotton material)

Two wire clips, one collar fixed clip

A short USB charging cable and mobile charging clip

Replace the appropriate earphone and ear fin

Personally prefer to remember cotton earplugs, you can try it all

The front of the controller, the LED state light, the volume function button microphone, the key feels crispy

On the back of the controller, Jaybird X3 Wireless uses an integrated metal contact charging clip.

The full charging is about 2.5 hours, and the endurance official stated that it is about eight hours. I use it for about 7 hours.

Elastic seal storage bag


Low frequency, intermediate frequency, high frequency can be adjusted by the APP by themselves. The app itself has different styles of adjustment templates.

Operation introduction and wearing help video, etc.

Sweat and waterproof performance women’s tickets are pretty good



Two ways to wear, light and long battery life.

Flat wires are not easy to wind up to provide thread clips and necklines, two materials of earplugs.

The integrated metal contact charging design is convenient, the elastic sealing storage bag, the APP comes with high, middle and low -frequency adjustment and adjustment style template, and you can also find the position of the headset


The default English reminder hopes to join the Chinese language package,

The integrated charging interface design is convenient and there are disadvantages. The situation of carrying the charging clip needs to be carefully kept. If the charging clip is lost, it will not be able to charge.

The Mini USB interface also limits the wires of iOS users and Type-C Android devices. The wireless charging starts to popularize the present. I hope that it can add more convenient wireless charging functions next.

The above is the introduction and description of red silicone ear plugs, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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