How to discharge water in a natural gas wall-hung furnace

How to discharge water in a natural gas wall-hung furnace

Nowadays, more and more families use natural gas wall-hung furnaces, how to release water in natural gas wall-hung furnaces, let PChouse explain to you today.

Natural gas wall-hung furnace can be drained through the drain valve or the exhaust valve on the radiator, if there is no floor heating pipe (or radiator) installed with a drain valve, you can drain and relieve pressure in the following ways: close the tap water valve→ open the water supply valve counterclockwise→ then open the hot water valve (or shower head) to relieve pressure, when the pressure reaches 1.0-1.5bar (optimal pressure range→), close the hot water valve (or shower head→), then close the water supply valve clockwise→ and finally open the tap water valve.

If the gas wall-hung furnace is not used for a long time, the water in the wall-hung furnace and the heating pipe and sanitary water pipe must be drained clean under the environmental conditions that may freeze. Do not use the wall-hung furnace for a short time, and there is no need to turn off the power to prevent the internal circulation system from freezing. System draining is also required when overhauling and maintaining wall-hung furnaces or when servicing heating and sanitary water pipes.

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