Character丨Chongqing “sharpshooter” Pang Fangyue: More than 1 million guns were tested, and the bullets could cover 4 football fields

Character丨Chongqing “sharpshooter” Pang Fangyue: More than 1 million guns were tested, and the bullets could cover 4 football fields

Pang Fangyue

On April 8, 2019, just returning to Chongqing from a shooting range in Sichuan, 56-year-old Pang Fangyue felt a little tired.

As a senior technician of gun assembly at Chongqing Construction Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as Construction Industry), Pang Fangyue completed the test firing of a trial product in 3 days, and the shooting intensity of more than 1,000 rounds is not something that anyone can bear.

At this time, Pang Fangyue received another work order for the day: to complete the test firing of hundreds of automatic rifles of a certain model, dozens of submachine guns of a certain model, and other firearms.

Over the next 3 hours, “Bang! Bang! Bang, bang!”, the noise of pointing, continuous shooting of high decibels, was almost uninterrupted.

Position: Each is a sharpshooter

Pang Fangyue’s job was to conduct gun reliability and accuracy test firing. He put on earmuffs, carried the gun, reloaded, and took place at the target.

With a single shot of ten shots, an experienced test shooter can judge whether there are mechanical problems such as jamming and shelling from the sound. The reporter had not yet come to his senses, and there were another ten shots and ten bursts.

The shooting range is in the workshop, the loud noise cannot be dissipated, and it feels particularly dull above the head.

After the reliability test of 30 rounds is completed, the gun moves on to the next stage – accuracy testing.

At a distance of 100 meters, Pang Fangyue held his breath. “Bang”, “bang”, “bang”, after 4 shots, it shows that all the bullseye with a radius of 5 cm are displayed, which is equivalent to the shooter hitting 4 ten rings.


Pang Fangyue said nothing to the reporter’s exclamation, put the gun back on the shelf, removed the earmuffs, and slowly walked back to the work room.

“It’s too noisy here!” Pang Fangyue apologized to reporters. And on the wall of honor, the reporter noticed that there was more than one person with the title of “sharpshooter”. Here, almost every tester can shoot 20 rounds at a palm-sized range from 100 meters.

Inheritance: 130 years without interruption

In 1985, at the age of 22, Pang Fangyue returned to Chongqing from the front line to work at the shooting range of the construction industry.

Pang Fangyue’s master Gan Junhua is 67 years old this year and is regarded as the third generation of firearms test shooters in New China. Gan Junhua’s master is called Yang Changzhou, who died a few years ago. Although the old test shooters gradually left the range, the position of test shooter has not been interrupted since the first day of the factory’s establishment, and it has been extended for 130 years.

In 1889, Zhang Zhidong, a minister of the late Qing Dynasty, prepared to build a gun factory in Shimen, Guangdong, and moved to Hanyang, Wuhan in 1890, which is the Hanyang Arsenal, which has had a major impact in Chinese history and is also one of the 24 key military enterprises in modern China. The factory was relocated to Chongqing during the flames of the Anti-Japanese War and developed into today’s construction industry.

From the first day of the founding of New China, the construction industry and the fate of the country have been closely linked. Over the past 70 years, it has provided equipment for the army, navy and air force and public security forces.

And the test shooters in their special positions, and shoulder extraordinary responsibilities.

“Listen to my master, they are accustomed to working overtime, and often eat and sleep in the workshop for several days and nights.” And Gan Junhua, as a sharpshooter of the previous generation, naturally learned the training method of test shooters from his master.

The new test shooters have a training cycle, advanced range learning for 3 months, and at the same time to practice shooting skills in the troops, the master will observe every move at any time, and explain the key points in detail. “Generally, most of the test shooters are veterans, and some are sharpshooters in the army, but when the test gun becomes your profession, it may not be suitable.”

Fortunately, Pang Fangyue not only has outstanding physical fitness, but also really likes firearms and shooting, and under the tutelage of Gan Junhua, he successfully passed the assessment and became a test shooter.

Technique: Fighters must be made easy

It may not be difficult to become a qualified test shooter, but it is not easy to be a good test shooter. Because in addition to completing product quality testing, it is also necessary to be able to participate in the research and development of new products and the installation of troops.

“As soon as I entered the factory, I found that the highest technical title of the test shooter was mechanic, and I proposed to the leader to test the technician.”

Pang Fangyue said that in order to test technicians, in addition to excellent shooting skills, they must also fully master firearms assembly and maintenance skills. It is precisely through the in-depth study of firearms knowledge that Pang Fangyue has also brought more space to play.

Every piece of new equipment, from the drawing design of research and development personnel to factory processing and army equipment, there is another important link in the middle is test firing.

“One year I tested a certain model of product, and after a few days the shoulder socket was all worn out, but the master reminded me that the angle of the butt of this product may not be reasonable.” Pang Fangyue said that he realized that test shooters can participate in the work of firearms a lot.

“A good gun is made, and it is even more so shot.” In Pang Fangyue’s view, the performance of a new gun is not smooth to use, and the gun tester has the most say. During the test firing, Pang Fangyue’s task was to “pick a thorn” for the gun, the recoil was not large, the man-machine effect was good, and the accuracy was not enough… The more “problems” he found, the more room for improvement of the gun.

“What if we’re all uncomfortable fighting, what about the fighters?” It is with such a sense of mission that Pang Fangyue has gradually become the top test shooter of the construction industry.

Legacy: Endure loneliness and become an expert

Each gun is tested before equipping the troops. At present, China has less than 100 guns and test shooters.

Pang Fangyue’s workload has increased several times from the beginning to the present. If you encounter a specific test project, you need to shoot tens of thousands of bullets at one time, which is an extreme challenge for people’s body and psychology. Someone has calculated for Pang Fangyue, who has been a test shooter for 34 years, tried a million guns, and the bullets can fill 4 football fields.

Under the full honor, it is often unstable to hold the rice bowl in both hands.

After all, the years are not sparing, and the work of passing on the help and leading seems more urgent. Construction Industry supported Pang Fangyue to establish the “Pang Fangyue Model Worker Innovation Studio” named after himself.

“We just hired three test shooters in the section, but after three months of training, only one was retained. This work depends on talent, depending on people’s ability to bear, and other people also have their duty, have a sense of safety, in case something goes wrong, but it is too stuffy to work, we just want to find problems and communicate. Of course, the main thing is to like it, not to be able to retire. Pang Fangyue gave examples of 5 conditions for recruiting disciples in one breath.

Pang Fangyue called his apprentice Xing Ningbo into the work section room. Although he still has a baby face, the 32-year-old Xing Ningbo has been awarded the “Young Top Talent” by China North Industries Group.

Fortunately, Ningbo smiled brightly and confidently. The reporter asked this post-80s, after a moment of freshness, quickly have to deal with endless noise and pressure, how to maintain the passion for work?

Xing Ningbo’s answer was understated, but sincere: “You must endure loneliness, like this industry, and become an expert.” ”

Eleven years ago, Xing Ningbo transferred from the army and became a test shooter in the construction industry. At that time, the construction industry was developing a rifle. In the initial stage of this product, there were many problems in every link, and from the perspective of the test shooter, Xing Ningbo raised problems such as butt angle, recoil and other issues, which were finally adopted by the R&D personnel. The final styling of this rifle has won many awards.

“The shooting champion won the gold medal with your products, and the honor guard held a domestic gun to represent the national prestige, what did you get behind the honor?”

To this question, Pang Fangyue rushed to help the apprentice answer: “It’s all empty words to say too much honor, and our work is done little by little!”

Special “nameplate”: calluses in the shoulder sockets

34 years ago, when Pang Fangyue first entered the factory, there were still a number of machine tools from the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty producing firearms in the workshop at that time, and now a large number of automated equipment has greatly improved the manufacturing process.

With more and more types of new weapons and stronger functional requirements, the requirements for the ability of test shooters are getting higher and higher, and the work pressure is increasing.

Because of the interview, Pang Fangyue was delayed for half a day, and for him, who adheres to the principle of “work cannot stay overnight”, he will work overtime with illness to complete the day’s workload.

Before the end of the interview, the reporter took the liberty of asking Pang Fangyue and Xing Ningbo to pry open their right shoulder, and the shoulder socket against the gun, without exception, had a darker callus, which also became a shining nameplate for the special job of test shooter.

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about shooters ear muffs, hope it can help you.

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