Outdoor lawn wedding scene decoration gives you the feeling of first love!

Outdoor lawn wedding scene decoration gives you the feeling of first love!

Spring and summer have quietly arrived, and couples who are ready to get married while the weather is good must be starting to think about lawn weddings. Tired of watching the same hotel wedding, lawn weddings can give people a refreshing and chic feeling. Witnessing the sweetness of a couple under green space, blue sky and white clouds, as long as the lawn wedding scene is decorated, leaving guests with a visual feast can be easily done.

The on-site decoration of lawn weddings is mainly divided into the following areas:

1. Welcome sign-in area

The pre-function area is where the bride and groom greet their guests before the wedding begins, and it is here that the bride and groom need to do on their wedding day. In order to make a good impression on the first arrival, it is necessary to design with ingenuity, the wedding is decorated with flowers, and the design of floral arrangements can make some innovative styles on the basis of generous harmony.

In addition to the flowers that can be seen everywhere, gauze curtains, ribbons, and balloons are all items that can be used to assist in dressing up, and our purpose is to make people feel the atmosphere of the wedding before entering the wedding venue.

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2. Guest seating area

The guest seating area is the area where guests sit to witness the wedding ceremony, and in most cases on either side of the red carpet aisle. The focus of the guest seating area is on the chairs, and you can also tie flowers and ribbons to the chairs to create a romantic atmosphere. Each seat can also be placed with a carefully crafted seat card to facilitate guests to take the right seat.

Some people may ask how much is more appropriate, according to experience, lawn weddings are originally small weddings, so the seating arrangements should not be too much, and it is more reasonable to control within 100 people. Not all friends and family need to witness this sacred moment, just ask someone with a good relationship.

3. Group photo area for newlyweds

The photo area is optional, but it will not be very troublesome to arrange, so that guests who arrive early will not feel bored, the existence of the photo area for newlyweds is particularly important. Whether it is a metal design, a combination of plants and trees, or a live-action photo, you need to feel that you can make the guests have fun and let go of the strangeness is a successful arrangement.

4. Passage area

After the passage area is set up, guests try not to walk to that area, because that is the only way for newcomers to slowly walk onto the stage. Some will roll out the red carpet, and use lights and flower posts on both sides of the red carpet to make some road guides; Some will use flower petals to spread on the ground to create a romantic and fresh visual experience.

At the entrance of the passage area, a flower door is usually arranged, whether it is arched or square, and the arrangement of the flower door is indispensable for the three themes of flowers, ribbons and balloons. The main purpose of setting up the flower gate is to make the bride and groom more ceremonial before entering, adding a bit of solemn atmosphere to the relaxed and cheerful lawn wedding.

5. Main stage

The main stage in the center of the venue is the focus of dozens of pairs of eyes, too monotonous to reflect the newcomer’s style, too fancy and easy to overshadow the newcomer’s limelight. The fresh and elegant design is the best choice, when the officiating couple reads the main wedding speech, the two parties will take vows, exchange rings, kiss, and give testimonials, and the bride and groom will always be the protagonists of the stage.

In most cases, couples who hold a lawn wedding will choose a self-service wedding banquet or move to the hotel to start the wedding banquet, if you choose an outdoor buffet wedding banquet, another point to pay attention to is the table. Tableware and table flowers are the finishing touches on the wedding banquet, and the arrangement highlights the meticulous care of the newlyweds and makes the wedding scene more complete and comprehensive, so it is recommended to communicate with the planner in advance about the table design you want.

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