Ruili in Yunnan, you don’t know, hides 4 of the most worthwhile places to check in, allowing you to tiptoe to see Myanmar

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Recently, “Ruili” has frequently appeared on the news, do you think Ruili is a magazine? Is it Ruili clothing, is it the name of a female star?

In fact

Ruili is a place in the western part of Yunnan Province, China,

It belongs to Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture.

It is connected to Mang City in the east, Longchuan River in the north, and Myanmar mountains and rivers in the northwest, southwest and southeast.

The village is facing each other, adjacent to the Myanmar national port city Mujie,

It is the only border trade zone in China that implements special management according to the “internal and external customs” model, and it is also the first stop for the China-Myanmar oil and gas pipeline into China.

In other words, Ruili is separated from Myanmar by a wall,

You can see foreigners in Myanmar on tiptoe in Ruili!

Photo by Tian Cao丨

As an out-of-town traveler with only 2 days,

Which places in Ruili are the most distinctive and worth checking in?

Today, let’s take a look at these 4 places with Pakudai Traveler!

1. 【Check-in Town】

Paijun arrived in Yunnan by plane, and after visiting Tengchong and Mangshi, he came to Ruili.

It is known as the No. 1 town on the border pass.

It is a state-level port of the smallest border city in the country, also known as the border “pocket city”, and is also one of the smallest cities in China and one of the three open border cities in Yunnan.

The town is very small, and some of the roads are sheep’s gut trails and bumpy dirt roads, and I heard that these are the “post roads” leading to the outside world.

There are also some dilapidated huts along the river, which are the “post stations” where passing traders drink horses.

On the way to Wanmachi,

Sometimes you can see skinny young men with dark bodies and tattoos speeding on motorcycles, and according to the guide, these people are Burmese.

Along the way, some Burmese-style restaurants and jade malls with Dai characteristics were closed, and a declining China-Myanmar port stood in the dusk.

And since you have arrived in Wanmachi, this Dai language means “where the sun is at the top”,

Then in the sunset, check in the “People’s Republic of China Yumachi Port”.

Because of epidemic prevention and maintenance, you can’t walk over and shoot.

Opposite is the Tamachi Bridge, and the bridge monument is at the right gate.

It is a special period, the staff at the port are wearing masks, blocking tourists from approaching, tourists wearing masks,

Although I tiptoed to see the small rivers of distant Myanmar and took photos in a hurry and from a distance, I also felt that the trip was worth the trip and was very meaningful.

Is travel like that?

With great pains, I found a photo that no one else had,

Going to a place that no one else has been to enrich your life experience?

2. [Check-in Tropical Wonders – Alone in the Forest]

The lone tree forest is located near the border between China and Myanmar next to the Manzhang Village on the edge of Ruilitalo Town in Yunnan Province.

As soon as you enter this scenic area, you can see a dense banyan forest in the distance,

When you get closer, there is only one, this is a single tree, which is a large-leaved ficus that is more than 200 years old.

In the middle of the main trunk of the tree, many aerial roots are born, which go down the trend, intertwined with each other, coiled at the roots, and on the main branches on the left and right sides, there are many aerial roots of different sizes that go down vertically and plunge into the soil,

Formed clump-like pillars with connected roots, creating a forested landscape with multiple trunks.

Photo by Wang Qiu丨

This is an ancient banyan tree, more than 900 years old,

A total of 34 roots stand on the ground, with a height of more than 50 meters and a tree area of more than 2,000 square meters, making it a major wonder in the tropical rainforest.

The big banyan trees here, each with its own characteristics,

Looking up, the foliage is amazing, and it makes people feel that they have strayed into Alice’s green wonderland.

At the entrance of the scenic spot,

There is a long linden trunk horizontally.

The locals say, you must touch the trunk of the tree,

Hugging the trunk is a tree of wisdom, a tree of fortune, and a tree of good luck.

If you have time to visit, remember to touch it carefully!

The lone forest scenic area is not large, and it only takes about 1 hour to walk around, but in the scenic area, there are many characteristic sculptures that can be worshipped and viewed.

One of the sculptures that is striking is:

On horseback, there are two elephants, do you know what it means?

– Immediately there is an object!

“Immediately there is an object”,

Many parents took pictures and said to send the photos to single children to see, and many friends who expected peach blossom luck quickly ran to take a group photo.

Photo by Qu Yuanwei丨

3. [The “end of the earth” hidden in Ruili Port]

I once read the Tang Dynasty poet Lü Yan’s “Juju”: “People at the end of the world beg me, and I don’t see anyone until the end of the world.” A corner of the earth tells how remote and remote places are, and how far apart they are.

In Ruili, “the end of the world” refreshes our knowledge.

When there is no end to the end of the earth, there is only endless love.

“The end of the world” is hidden in the alley next to the “Ruili Port of the People’s Republic of China”,

Across a wall of barbed wire is Myanmar.

Check in here to commemorate it,

Send all the lovesickness in your heart!

On the small street next to the end of the earth,

You can see one-to-one pairs of small carvings of elephants, which are “objects”, “the end of the world does not miss, there is an object immediately”?

4. [Punch in “one village and two countries”]

When you come to Ruili, you must visit the first state-approved economic and tourism economic development experimental zone in Yunnan Province.

It is the first border trade zone in China to implement the special mode of management of “inside and outside the customs” – sister border trade zone, visiting the “one village and two countries” scenic spots.

Here is a geographical wonder,

It is “one village and two countries”.

The border divides a Dai village in two, the Chinese side is called Yinjing, and the Burmese side is called Mangxiu, and the national border in the village is bounded by bamboo fences, village roads, ditches and earthen mounds.

There are two houses in the scenic area, two wells in one village, swings in two countries, two countries in one tower, Burmese people, jade border between China and Myanmar, wishing stones and other scenic spots.

The “swing of two countries” swing is located next to the national border, opposite the village of Mangxiu in Myanmar,

Sit on it and swing it gently, and you can “go abroad” in an instant.

In the “Burmese family” of the scenic spot,

Myanmar architecture is on display and Burmese people live.

Occasionally when they see them, they will smile, they will invite you to make a fire with them on a cold morning, and you will be invited to drink tea with them in the small garden.

When you stand on the protective wall of the scenic area,

When you are next to the power grid wall, you can see a narrow small ditch, some Burmese houses, Burmese walking, and Myanmar countryside.

Looking at Myanmar through the power grid wall Photo by Qu Yuanwei丨

I believe you are here to see the Burmese people, and the Burmese people are also watching you over there.

This is a particularly meaningful attraction, without going abroad, but you can glimpse part of the style of Myanmar,

It’s worth checking in!

As an outsider who only has 2 days to travel to Ruili, I want to travel slowly, but my time is limited,

I can only take a quick glance, pick its essence and some fun places, and say – Ruili, I have been here.

I love, I am,

In Ruili, the four niche characteristic places worth checking in are the Yumachi Port, the Lone Tree Forest, the Ruili Port, and the two countries.

Beautiful Yunnan, beautiful Ruili, pray for you, cheer!

Finally, thank you all for reading.

Life is so good,

Let’s discover more niche features together, see the bigger world, and meet the latest self!

Welcome to like, leave a message, forward, and follow the “photo trip”!

(This picture is taken by each author in Ruili on site, the picture and text are not authorized to take a trip, please do not reprint, violators must be investigated!) )

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Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Tian Cao丨

Photo by Wang Qiu丨

Photo by Qu Yuanwei丨

Photo by Qu Yuanwei丨

Photo by Qu Yuanwei丨

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