This is the middle-aged mother should have a dress! Chiffon shirt + straight pants, temperament age, very advanced

Different women are good at expression of the temperament, and this temperament is not a constant, which will change with age.


But no matter how change, we need to accept your own unique temperament, but can’t blindly pursue the fashion and style of yourself. In this way, it is conducive to our advantage to make yourself from the inside out.

For mature women, especially middle-aged mothers, the image is very important. This is not only responsible for themselves, but also gives children an example, live beautiful and happiness. And the most important factors in the beauty of image is to dress up, elegant and atmospheric, according to their temperament, choose the elements of age, create a textured high-grade wind.

I want to take a high-quality style, and the chiffon shirt is definitely one of the necessary items, and its fairy is a straight pants. Both are mixed, not only can be switched according to the occasion, but also easy to control. This is a god army! So how do you pick a chiffon shirt and straight pants and do different matching? Let’s take a look!

How to choose “chiffon shirt”?


When we pick a chiffon shirt, we should choose according to your own body characteristics. Can better


Play the advantage and cover the shortcomings. The upper body is selected, and there will be a bigger space on the wearing of straight pants.

1 小 /

The H-shaped woman lacks the line of beauty, the body is more petty, then you can choose a chiffon shirt with a design, let your dress more level. Due to the relatively thin, the addition of design elements will not appear to have a lot of expansion, but instead can improve the shortcomings of thin body, create a simple dressing effect.

2 skeleton large / apple

The upper body is relatively strong or a girl with a large skeleton. Then the design of the chiffon shirt will be biased toward the base, do not have a complex design, and the requirements for the neckline should be modified. V-neck chirts can prolong the neck lines, weaken thick shoulders, thus visually achieving slimming results.

3 hourglass /


There is no obvious flaw in the women’s half-length, so choose the chiffon shirt that is more than the post, can make a good body line and show the beauty of the curve. In the whole, wear a tight effect, let the upper body look slim and slim, highlighting the different lines ~

Wear straight pants, keep in mind these points, not easy

Key 1: Nine points length is the best

For middle-aged mothers, there is a lot of time in daily life to use it, then in the length of the straight pants, nine pants is the most huy. Whether daily outstanding or workplace commute, nine pants are classic and non-picked. Exposed the most sleeper ankle, can extend the leg lines and easily wear temperament and charm.


Key 2: Creating a waist line, good dreamer

No matter what the body is female, the importance of the waistline cannot be ignored. The style of low waist cannot be easily tried, and the 55-fifth dressing ratio, no matter how it matches, it will look forward to it. The high waist straight pants can easily improve the waistline to create a gold ratio. Because the fabric of the chiffon shirt is soft, if you want to look, the straight pants also need to choose a good fabric, so it will be more harmonious and dignified.

Key points 3: Note color

In addition to the long and style of trousers, the most important thing is color. Want to build a high level or a solid colorful. Since it is necessary to build a long leg, the area that is bound to be loaded is larger than the upper, so the large-scale color will appear to be fancy and dazzling. The color of the straight pants is preferably mainly based on solid color, and it is necessary to try the colorful women, but also need to pay attention to saturation.


Chiffon shirt + wide-leg pants


Different age segments, suitable chiffon shirts and straight trousers are definitely different, but for middle-aged mothers, they will definitely be unhappy and intellectual. It must highlight your temperament and don’t pursue age.

NO.1 color matching – deep shallow combination


A set of dark or a set of light colors, although it is not easy to make mistakes, but the shape is not easy. Instead, the deep light color can make the overall shape more layering. For example, the most classic black and white match, it seems that there is a missed, and it can also give people clean and comfortable feelings, and more colorful!

NO.2 style – integration


How can I miss the unique design element? The combination of integration is better to reflect your aesthetic and taste. Pursue minimalism, although it is not easy to make mistakes, but there are always less charm. However, the feet is not too much, and it can be started from the details, and a delicate silk scarf is still right. It can improve the mental gas and make the shape more advanced and qualitative.

NO.3 GET new wear


Want to wear an elegant age, then how can the new wear?



❶ Chiffon shirt as an inner


As the chiffon shirt, you must pay attention to the version, you can’t be the style of Oversize. The coat has been well modified, if the chiffon shirt is loose, it will appear to drop. The best part of the chiffon shirt is a suit. It is a very classic wearing, especially suitable for the workplace commute, which seems to be calm and practiced, elegant and handsome!

❷ Chiffon shirt as an outer


The outer chiffon shirt also pays attention to the intimateness of the inside, should not be too loose. In one of the simplest tips in the straight pants of the high waist, it is one of the simplest tips. The upper body is well done, the bigger the space of the straight tube, whether it is a styles of tight or wide legs, can be easily controlled. The stacked wearing method can increase the integration of the hierarchy of the whole, which seems to be more stereo and fashionable, and it is very suitable for daily and shopping.

“Design models get rid of the waist”


If you don’t get used to the binding sense of high waist, you can pick some design models when you choose a chiffon shirt. For example, a chiffon shirt with a loop style, which can show both waist and look natural and casual, fashionable and casual. This is more enhanced to the inclusiveness of the body, plus the pattern of the pants, and the same is similar. Comfortable wear is very suitable for going out to play and shopping!

Chiffon shirt + straight pants This group of gods, do not pick the age, do not pick your body, whenever we wear fashion and temperament. Middle-aged mothers, don’t hurry to give yourself a few sets, wear your own elegant temperament anytime, anywhere!

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