“Lion King” returned to WEC, pulling wind styling + carbon fiber of the whole car, 2.6T burst out 680 horsepower

I don’t know if you have found it, but the logo of many cars is selected from natural animals. Ferrari’s emblem is a Prancing Horse; Lamborghini is a wild bull; Jaguar is a fierce cheetah. Peugeot chose the King of the Jungle as its logo, and many of its civilian models pay more attention to the luxurious comfort of the whole vehicle, the interior is also very combative, and the strong power is second to none in the same class. Now the Peugeot 9X8 model, the car is jointly created by the engineering team of the Peugeot sports department and the Peugeot design department, the appearance is very attractive, the whole car is made of carbon fiber material, very track-like. The HYBRID4 hybrid system is expected to have a combined horsepower of more than 1,000 horsepower. “Lion King” returned to WEC, pulling wind styling + carbon fiber of the whole car, 2.6T burst out 680 horsepower

The Peugeot 9X8 is a global model and the latest generation of Peugeot Hypercar supercar, the “9” continues the name of Peugeot’s latest generation of top endurance racing series, the “X” stands for the all-wheel drive technology and hybrid powertrain of the Peugeot supercar, and the “8” is the suffix of the name of all Peugeot current models. In terms of styling, the Peugeot 9X8 adopts a one-piece carbon fiber shell, with smooth lines and a rearless design. The front face adopts a low middle and high design on both sides, with double air intakes in the center and lion’s paw-style headlights, combined with a slim front lip and the new “Lion King” logo, the appearance is very attractive. The body is designed for Le Mans racing, with a smaller drag coefficient, which looks a bit like the Audi double-diamond four-wheel drive car I played as a child, and the selenium gray color scheme of the body and cockpit and the contrasting kryptonic green/yellow are highlights. Huge carbon rims with fluorescent green calipers stand out

The rear of the car is also very windy, the wheel arches on both sides have added exaggerated spoilers similar to fighter jets, and although the tailless design looks a little unaccustomed, it is equipped with a bottom diffuser, which can also achieve the performance level required by the vehicle. The lion’s paw-style taillights on both sides are very eye-catching, and even the rear warning lights use fluorescent green with three vertical bars, which is very handsome and charming. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height of the new car are 5000*2080*1180mm, and the wheelbase is 3045mm

The interior of the car is also in accordance with the design of the racing car, and a large number of fluorescent green decorative panels are matched with exposed carbon decorative panels, which will achieve the ultimate lightweight. The center console is also modeled after the race car, equipped with a rectangular steering wheel with a monochrome display, and a lot of fruit-colored circle buttons are integrated into the steering wheel. It is also equipped with a carbon fiber racing barrel seat integrated with the hull, four-point seat belt to ensure driver comfort, safety and stability

In terms of power, the new model is equipped with the HYBRID4 hybrid system, which includes a new 2.6-liter twin-turbocharged 90-degree V6 engine with a maximum power of 500 kW (680) horsepower and a weight of 165 kg. The twin-turbo V6 offers the best trade-off between technology, weight, packaging of engine auxiliaries, reliability and performance. The front motor is 200kW (272hp) and will be equipped with a lightweight, efficient single-speed transmission and a latest-generation inverter to transfer battery power to the motor. The transmission is mated to a seven-speed sequential gearbox, which will be controlled by paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel. When the electric motor unit is put into service, the car automatically switches to four-wheel drive, which changes its drivability

Comprehensive comments: It is reported that Peugeot 9X8 will participate in the 2022 season of the FIA WEC FIA World Endurance Championship LMH class, and its return to WEC has also become the target of everyone’s attention. This supercar with a stylish appearance and excellent performance really can’t be driven by a driver who has not been rigorously trained and tested. From the six drivers announced by Peugeot, many are former F1 drivers and Le Mans champions. I believe that in the new WEC season, Toyota, Audi and Peugeot can bring fans back to the era of exciting showdowns in endurance racing, and of course, we also expect it to achieve an ideal result

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