Cold meals cool fast! A primary school in Wuhan changed to insulated buckets of meals that attracted applause from parents

Wuhan Evening News (official ID: whwb82333333) (Reporter Chen Ling) Last week, lunch at Jiefangqiao Primary School in Wuchang District was different from before: 10 large insulated buckets were placed in each class, bringing hot meals to students. Yesterday, some parents in Wuhan suggested to the Wuhan Evening News reporter after seeing the news, whether this humanized approach can be fully rolled out in Wuhan primary schools, after all, it is cold, so that children can eat hot meals at noon is not a trivial matter.

Fan Meihua, vice principal of Jiefangqiao Primary School, said that the bucket that the school used to load students with meals to the class in previous years was an ordinary meal bucket, which did not keep warm, and when it was cold, the staff would foam on the bread outside the bucket to reduce heat dissipation. This year, these meal buckets are already very old, and the school has taken into account the actual needs of students and simply replaced them with insulated stainless steel meal buckets. “No matter how low the temperature is, the classroom is still steaming hot and the students are comfortable eating.”

In a long group in Wuhan, the group owner forwarded this news, which attracted the applause of many parents. “It’s cold, and it’s really a big problem for children to eat at noon.” Ms. Xu, a parent, said that some time ago, her daughter served as the meal manager of the class, responsible for helping more than 40 children in the class cook. “By the time I eat it, the food is basically hot.”

The Wuhan Evening News reporter learned in many schools in the city that at present, students in primary schools eat lunch, and basically canteen staff drag the meals to each class in stainless steel buckets in advance, and then distribute them to students for consumption. Last week, the reporter saw in an elementary school that the school still used ordinary rectangular stainless steel barrels, dragged from the cafeteria to the fourth floor, fifth floor or higher floors of the classroom, and the farthest class took nearly twenty minutes.

A teacher at a primary school in Hankou said that the average student’s lunch time is half an hour to 40 minutes, and when the temperature is low, the staff uses methods such as adding foam insulation layer to try to ensure that the meals eaten by students are hot.

Ms. Xu said that replacing ordinary meal buckets with thermal buckets will definitely be more expensive, but this is more obvious whether the school really considers the health of students and whether it is more humane management.

Editor: Chen Yanran

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