How about a water cup? The latest Le Buckle Water Cup Price Collection

Drinking water needs to use water cups, some people like to use ceramic cups, some people like glasses, and some people like to use plastic cups, in fact, no matter what cup is just used to drink things, but the quality of this cup has to pay attention to, if the quality of the cup is not good, used to drink water will definitely affect the body, especially plastic cups, so when choosing a cup, many people still choose a cup with a good reputation of big brands,

Le Buckle Le Buckle Water Cup

It is also a brand product that is more trusted and loved by consumers, how about the Le Buckle Water Cup? Is the Buckle Water Cup toxic? What is the price of the Buckle Water Cup? Xiaobian takes you to understand:

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How about a water cup?

Buckle is a Korean company specializing in the production of new concept sealed containers, and has achieved good results in the field of sealed containers in the world, and after entering the Chinese market in 2004, it has quickly been trusted and loved by domestic consumers.

The PP or PC material used in the Le Buckle thermos cup has a glossy and beautiful shape, especially suitable for sports and travel. And with excellent heat resistance, combined with its specific design, the insulation effect is very good. In addition, there is no peculiar smell after the water cup is filled with boiling water, which is the most prominent feature, and the general thermos cup will leave a peculiar smell.

Is it good to buckle the water cup?

Consumer A: The quality is no problem, but it is okay to install it at room temperature, and it is still not okay to use it for tea or boiling water.

Consumer B: I think the four-sided button cup is not bad, and the boiling water will not smell of plastic and will not leak.

Consumer C: Very good cup, no peculiar smell at all, but it is slightly more expensive than other brands, and it is not discounted.

Is the Buckle Water Cup toxic?

Whether the cup is toxic generally depends on the material of the cup, you can look at the bottom of the cup, usually written PC or PP, the former is polycarbonate, the latter is polypropylene, theoretically polymers are non-toxic, but in the process of making cups, will add a variety of additives, such as antioxidants, dyes, plasticizers, etc., some of these small molecules are toxic, so it is recommended to use inorganic materials of the cup, plastic cups do not contain hot water, must be used, Be sure not to use plastic cups with color, which are usually used to cover blemishes.

Le Buckle Water Cup Price:

Portable Teacup HPP722TG 700ml Green Price:¥59.90


LOKUO 350ML Sports Cup HPP708 Price:¥23.90


Le Buckle Beat Rabbit Series Water Cup 500ml HPP710-PR Price:¥26.00


Rainbow Water Cup (600ml) HLC743TG Price: ¥32.90

Plastic portable leak-proof cup Price:¥39.00

Lok Kou Lok 500ml Portable Teacup HPP721TB Blue Price: ¥58.00


Rainbow Water Cup (600ml) HLC743TB Price: ¥32.90

Lekou Lekou 700ml portable teacup HPP722TR brown Price: ¥59.90

LOKOU LOKLOON Portable Water Cup HPP721TB 500ML Price:¥37.00


Lock&lock STRING Water Cup (700ml) HLC807TB Price: ¥49.80

True and false identification of Le Buckle Water Cup:

To put it simply, the genuine Le Buckle Water Cup is P.P material (the cup body and cup body material are the same), and the sports series is PC material (the cup body and cup body material are the same), the specific performance is:

1. Transparency:

The high-end model can easily confirm the memory without opening the lid, and the surface is shiny and beautiful.

2. Durability/impact resistance:

The P.P material used in high-grade has been widely used in aircraft windows or bulletproof glass, the authenticity will not appear cracks or broken after external impact, the box body even if the car is pressed does not matter, the box body is not easy to deform, can be used semi-permanently.

3. High temperature resistance:

The high-grade model has excellent heat resistance (140 degrees Celsius), does not deform at high temperatures, can be disinfected with boiling water, and is easy to remove odors. It is more suitable for use in the microwave, while the ordinary type is best to stop for two minutes when heating high-calorie, high-sugar foods.

4. No peculiar smell, no dyeing:

This is its most prominent feature, general plastic products in the long time after the odor of food, odor is difficult to eliminate.


The relevant information is with you here, the choice of water cup must pay attention to the production material of the cup, if the material is not good, the production of the water cup for drinking water will affect the health of the body, you can pay attention. The price information in the article is for reference only due to the time of sorting, and cannot be used as a basis for purchase, for more information, please pay attention to Tuba Tuxue decoration.

Le Buckle Le Buckle Water Cup

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