One pot for dual use, slow cooking and quick cooking are suitable, Daewoo two-in-one electric pressure cooker hands-on experience

Hi, everyone roars, my mars208 is here again~~ This shopping season I don’t know if the friends have chopped their hands, here to share the Daewoo two-in-one electric pressure cooker that just started, not only the appearance is online, but also a pot for dual use, slow cooking and fast cooking, rice cooker / electric pressure cooker dual mode flexible switching.

Pressure cooker, no stranger to everyone, is the first choice for wanting to quickly stew ingredients to a soft and rotten taste, although it does not need to be stewed for as long as casseroles or ordinary pots, but it also requires more people to watch by the stove. In addition, there is also a great safety risk in case you forget it when stewing.

Electric pressure cooker is an upgrade of the traditional pressure cooker, which combines the advantages of pressure cooker and rice cooker, completely solves the safety problem of pressure cooker, relieves the safety hazards that ordinary pressure cookers have plagued users for many years, and its thermal efficiency is greater than 80%, saving time and electricity. When purchasing a pressure cooker this time, the owner also directly targeted the electric pressure cooker.

When I saw Daewoo’s electric pressure cooker, I was first attracted by its appearance, and after understanding, I found that it was still a pot and two galls, which was equivalent to buying a rice cooker and an electric pressure cooker at one time. Take advantage of the pre-sale on June 1 to place an early order.

It has been more than two weeks since I started, it is really good to use, easy to get started, and I can simply make good meals, and my daughter-in-law directly praised the cooking skills of the building master.

Usage experience

Daewoo’s pot can quickly switch between electric pressure cooker mode and rice cooker mode, with its own 10 cooking modes, slow cooking and fast cooking, so that the landlord, a little white in the kitchen world, can easily make fragrant meals. Especially when the ingredients are put into the pot, the mode is selected, and the time is reserved, you can quickly serve three hearty meals when you get home from work, and you can enjoy it! !

Next, let’s take a look at the effect of the landlord.

1. Assorted lotus root stewed ribs

The fragrant corn, soft lotus root and soft pork ribs meet to make it a simple, nutritious and colorful dish. (As for why the color of this soup in the picture below is reddish, naturally the landlord added some other ingredients according to his personal preferences)

Main ingredients: pork ribs, corn, lotus root. In addition, according to personal preferences, the landlord added carrots and small shiitake mushrooms. Supplemented with green onions, ginger slices and other stewed meat to remove fishy and fresh spices. Lotus root and carrots are recommended to be cut into hobs for easy clamping.

Pour the ingredients into the stainless steel inner tank, add water just enough to pass the ingredients, add a small amount of cooking wine and salt to taste, and the landlord also threw in a few red dates. Lotus root has the effect of nourishing the stomach and nourishing yin, strengthening the spleen and invigorating qi, red jujube has the effect of nourishing blood and replenishing qi, lotus root is cool, red jujube is warm, but these foods are not compatible with each other, pay attention to the proportion.

Using the [Pressure Cooker Mode] of Daewoo Electric Pressure Cooker, it has a total of 5 functions here, including soup, stewed meat, beans/hoof tendons, boiled porridge, and waterless baking. Here is the [stew] menu, the landlord calculated the time, made an appointment 2 hours after starting, after the cooking program is completed, about 1 hour or so to keep warm, the landlord just in time to arrive home at mealtime. The pot can achieve 12-hour intelligent appointment and 24-hour long-term heat preservation, which is easy for the landlord to achieve.

When the exhaust is depressurized, you can smell the aroma of meat, causing the landlord to swallow saliva. It is worth mentioning that the 10 preset cooking menus of the Daewoo Electric Pressure Cooker are selected according to different ingredients, the best cooking curve is selected to ensure the best cooking taste of the ingredients, which is still very good.

2. Fluffy Q bomb multigrain rice

The landlord usually uses the [rice cooker] mode of this pot to steam a pot of multigrain rice, this section uses germ oat rice, jasmine rice, the steamed rice is soft, and the particles are distinct, germ oat rice will also bring more Q elasticity, more chewy. When the rice is finished this time, change the red rice and brown rice and other grains, and usually eat some grains appropriately, which is still very beneficial to health.

Take the appropriate amount of germ oat rice and jasmine rice, depending on personal preference.

Take out the stainless steel inner tank of the stewed ribs and replace it with a non-stick inner tank, the inner tank adopts a spherical design, covered with non-stick coating, with curved heating plate, three-dimensional heating, so that the heating area of the pot body is larger and more uniform, including the rice grains will be evenly heated, fully tumbled and stirred, the rice is softer, the grains are full and delicious.

The water level line on the inner wall with the accompanying measuring cup is really easy to use for cooking Xiaobai, steaming rice or cooking porridge, as long as you add water according to the sign, there will never be a mistake, and the owner has verified it many times.

At the same time, turn the mode at the top of the lid to [rice cooker] mode, and you can steam the rice.

Using the [Quick Rice] menu, after 30 minutes, the rice is steamed. If you have more time, you can also try the “Essence Rice” menu.

After the landlord arrived home, he first scooped up rice and began to steam multigrain rice. Then a simple change of washing, a short rest, the rice is almost steamed. Serve soup and rice, open a bottle of beer, make a side dish, and eat ~~~ that is called a comfort ~~~

3. Mung bean health porridge with clear heat and qi

In the hot summer, if you want to drink porridge, it is perfect to boil the pot at home to refresh the heat and invigorate the mung bean barley porridge. Switch it to [Electric Pressure Cooker] mode, adjust to the [Boiling Porridge] menu, and in about 40 minutes, a pot of fragrant, cottony, soft and smooth porridge will be cooked. You can see that the rice grains and mung beans have bloomed, and the porridge is bright and clear.

And compared with the small-capacity pressure cooker, this pot has a capacity of 4L, which can meet the mouths of 4-8 people, and the family can eat happily.

The porridge is purchased directly in the supermarket, and it is convenient to mix fragrant rice, red rice, mung beans, coix kernels, lilies and a small amount of pumpkin seeds at one time.

The porridge is measured with a measuring cup, poured into the non-stick inner tank for simple rinse, and finally added an appropriate amount of water according to the scale.

You can boil the porridge before going to work, and after the cooking program is over, it will automatically turn to the [keep warm] state. Go home and open the lid of the pot, you can drink porridge, which is very worry-free and labor-saving.

4. Safe to use and easy to clean

This Daewoo electric pressure cooker is still very safe to use. Especially through the wide exhaust button in the middle of the lid, pressing it can smoothly depressurize the exhaust, wait

The red float behind the exhaust valve can be opened until the lid is opened

, simple and intuitive operation. Also, this pot has:

Ten safety protection measures such as temperature limit control, pressure control, pressure limit control, double anti-blocking structure, no pressure if the cover is not in place, over-temperature short circuit protection, etc

, safe and reliable in use.

In addition to the lid can be directly removed and the sealing ring can be washed and cleaned, the cleaning optimization design of the pot body has also been made, the edge groove is very shallow and wide, and the soup dripping on it can be easily erased with a rag, leaving no sanitary dead ends.

For the cleaning of the non-stick inner tank, it is simpler, drip in dish soap, add water for a while, and wash it with a dishwashing sponge. Here is a reminder that non-stick coatings must not be used when steel wool, scouring pads and other cleaning products with strong friction.

After sharing this hands-on experience, interested friends can continue to look at simple unboxing and product design details.

The product is unboxed

When the courier brother delivered it, he found that its packaging box was much larger than expected. The packaging of 314*311*450mm is measured, and the gross weight of about 6kg is also quite weighty.

The side of the package is printed with product information, which gives a good review for this food contact list, and what materials are used are clearly written. Product model DY-YLG01, rated power 900W, rated pressure range between 0-70kPa, capacity 4L. Produced on 2021.05, freshly baked.

Open the box from the top and you can see why the box is so big, because it comes standard with a pot of double gall.

The electric pressure cooker and inner tank are fixed and packaged with foam compartments, and the outside of the product is wrapped with pearl foam, which effectively avoids bumps during transportation and protects in place.

After unpacking, all you can see is a pot, a gall, and an instruction manual. The landlord chose a versatile white this time, in addition to young and fashionable purple and yellow colors.

When the electric pressure cooker is opened, it is found that there are several accessories hidden in the pot, a soup spoon, a rice spoon and a measuring cup, the material of which is PP material that can directly contact food, in addition to the characteristics of non-stick and easy to clean, the use experience is still very good.

Product details and features

Daewoo electric pressure cooker has a rounded appearance, round pier, and a little cute, the middle round IMD digital image does not look like the big eyes of the minions (except that the skin is white), and there are 4 function buttons below.

Through the four buttons of [Function], [Adjust], [Reservation], and [Start/Double Click Cancel], you can easily select the menu, adjust the cooking time, reservation time and other operations, which is intuitive and convenient.

There is a mode switch button at the top, and you can quickly switch between the two modes of [rice cooker] and [electric pressure cooker] with a swipe left and right.

With the selection of mode, the IMD digital display in the middle of the fuselage will also correspond to the corresponding menu.

The top round handle of the lid is a rose gold round button with a small cloud pattern in the middle, which is not a simple decoration, but press it to depressurize the exhaust in the pot, which is much safer and more convenient than the traditional pressure cooker, the traditional pressure cooker exhaust control device and the exhaust hole are together, it is easy to be burned by the steam punch.

Through the position of the red float behind the exhaust valve, it is clear whether there is still pressure in the pot and whether the lid can be opened.

The power cord at the rear of the fuselage and the direct exit design effectively avoid the safety hazard of dripping fire.

The bottom is equipped with a ring-shaped heat dissipation grille, and there is also a product information nameplate with 3C compulsory certification on it.

The inside of the lid is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is safe and secure to use. The silicone sealing ring on the lid of the pot adopts a separable design, which is convenient for cleaning and later maintenance and replacement.

The non-coated spherical inner tank is suitable for cooking starchy ingredients in steamed porridge, and when cooking with this inner tank, the ingredients can be tumbled inward and stirred, preventing the paste pan and making the ingredients more delicious.

The paint finish on the outside of the inner tank is also good, and the spraying is uniformly thick and delicate.

The pot heating plate has also been optimized for the spherical inner tank, from the traditional plate heating to the curved heating plate, which can support the bottom of the inner tank for three-dimensional heating, and the heating area is larger and more uniform.

The included stainless steel liner, using food-grade 304 stainless steel, is suitable for cooking ingredients with bones, such as bone broth, because the bones are sharp, easy to scratch and not stick to the coating, so the use of stainless steel liners is the most suitable.

At last

After using it for a while, I am still very satisfied with this Daewoo electric pressure cooker. This electric pressure cooker can be freely switched between [rice cooker] and [electric pressure cooker] with one button, one pot for dual use, with 2 kinds of inner tanks, combined with 10 built-in cooking menus, it is easy to get started and not easy to lose, and become a chef in small seconds; Its optimized spherical inner tank, curved heating plate and scientific cooking curve can lock in the nutrition of ingredients when steaming rice, stewed meat or soup, and have good taste, color and aroma.

In addition, its 4L capacity, which belongs to the golden capacity of the family, is enough for one pot for up to 8 people. Coupled with good appearance and safe and reliable ten layers of protection, it is indeed a small kitchen appliance worth buying, and young people with this need can pay more attention.


I’m mars208,

The attention, likes, comments and favorites of all the officials are the biggest motivation for my code,

Let’s see you next ~~~

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