No wonder Chen Zihan can marry her husband who is 6 years younger, wearing a white T-shirt and a hip skirt, with a beautiful temperament and figure

Although there are more and more popular elements and diverse styles, clean and refreshing color matching has always been fashionable.

Chen Zihan’s clean and pure color system, white T-shirt is simple, only a small design with a lace drape on the left arm, adding a different feature to the T-shirt, not looking monotonous and boring. The army-green hip-wrapped skirt, close to the hips and close to the waist, brings people visual comfort and lightness, regardless of style or color, and sets off the unique charm of women.

The representative of purity – white T-shirt

When it comes to the simplest, most comfortable and versatile top, it’s definitely a white T-shirt. It has a clean color, simple and generous, without too many cumbersome and complex elements, and beautiful women can spend a whole summer just by matching it with a variety of trendy and fashionable pants. Casual style or light mature style, as long as it plays, it will definitely bring you a different visual feast. If the white T-shirt has a lace draping design on the arms, in addition to reducing excessive monotony and adding beauty, it can also show the aura of beautiful women and enhance the style.

The symbol of a beautiful body – a hip-wrapping skirt

The hip-wrapped skirt is a combination of sexy and ladylike. Army green hip skirt, the color system is not showy, low and restrained, and it is elegant and vulgar. It clings to the hips of the beauties, contouring the perfect body curves and creating a mature and intellectual attractive appearance. And it looks elegant and fashionable, wearing this style of skirt, very intellectually gentle feminine. The hip skirt is suitable for beautiful women of all ages, no matter what clothes they match, they are all appropriate and elegant, always fashionable and noble.

The beauty that could not be erased by the years was realized in Chen Zihan. She is still so elegant, with a touch of low-key nobility, calm and natural, leisurely and fresh style has cast a lazy and gentle aura on her. As the saying goes, people rely on clothing, sure enough, the appearance of beautiful women is to further sublimate clothes, and beautiful women should also learn more about dressing!

Different styles of hip skirts are worn differently ↓

– Sweet style

Highlight (1): Skirt skirt with short hips

The hip skirt also has a relatively loose style, which is very suitable for light mature women to wear on the street every day, choose a loose T-shirt as a top, can make us look more casual, girls with fair skin can choose pink matching, and black style is more dashing and mysterious!


We can tuck the T-shirt into the skirt waistband, which will make us look slimmer at the waist and at the same time lengthen the slenderness of our legs.

– Elegant style

Highlight (2): Skirt with long skirts

The little lady with slender legs must not miss this outfit, and the skirt with a long hip cover can not only show the curve of our hips to the fullest, but also make us look extra tall.

: Girls with good legs are best to use a split hip skirt to show off their charm, while girls with upturned hips are more suitable for super slim long hip skirts!

Such a hip skirt is even sexier!

* Bandeau hip dress

#抹胸包臀连衣短裙搭配高跟鞋, A and sassy

(1) Short version:

Girls with good figures wearing short bandeau skirts will look more sexy to us, and the design with hip skirts can make us better, this kind of clothing scale is relatively large, too shy or shy girls are not very suitable, and if you have fat at the waist, this kind of clothes will also appear fat, so slightly fat girls should also remember to avoid lightning!

#抹胸包臀连衣长裙裙搭配拖鞋鞋, full marks for casualness

(2) Long paragraph

: Girls who have a convex front and back must not miss the hip dress, if you are tall, you can choose the design of a long skirt, with a pair of furry slippers, this contrast will make us feel bright, think that the sisters who feel too exposed in the bandeau skirt can wear a shawl outside, very casual and dashing!

The hip skirt still has certain requirements for our figure, we can match the hip skirt casually, can get a different effect, at the same time, you can also refer to the above matching to choose, will definitely be able to harvest your exclusive skirt. Well, today’s content is shared here, let’s discuss fashion together in the next issue!

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No wonder Chen Zihan can marry her husband who is 6 years younger, wearing a white T-shirt and a hip skirt, with a beautiful temperament and figure


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