Liu Shishi took a beautiful photo by the sea, wearing a hip-wrapped fishtail skirt with an elegant posture, like a walking “white swan”

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To say that the most swan-like temperament among female stars is Liu Shishi, and Liu Shishi is also in the entertainment industry, netizens recognized as the “white swan”, she took a set of beautiful photos by the sea,

It is also more true to the title of “White Swan”, wearing a delicate and perfect white hip-wrapped fishtail skirt, which looks like a fairy under the mortal in her wear

, beauty can’t take your eyes off!

For many girls, the fishtail skirt is still very attractive to them, but for many reasons, they have not been able to try and challenge, I hope that the friends have read the content shared today, and can try the favorite fishtail skirt according to their own conditions!

Liu Shishi, who has been learning dance since she was a child, naturally has a very outstanding figure and temperament, so for her, driving a fishtail skirt that covers her hips may be a piece of cake, or her figure and temperament, after wearing a fishtail skirt. Instead, it adds a sense of luxury to the fishtail skirt,

Of course, the cut and design of this hip-wrapped fishtail dress are impeccable, and it makes people more elegant to wear it.

So what kind of people are fishtail dresses suitable for and how to choose the style that suits you? Let’s share it with you today.

Analysis of Liu Shishi’s outfit


The color combination of pure white always makes people think of something beautiful,

For example: clear sky, clean smile, clean environment

。 And the design of this dress is even more reminiscent of a white and noble swan, not clean and independent.

Styling Design:

This dress design uses a large area to expose the skin of the neck, making it

The elegant collarbone and slender neck line are displayed,

The layered fine velvet design of the skirt makes the skirt look noble and light, and the sleeves on both sides are like two beautiful flowers in full bloom, which sets off the figure more slender and even.

So what are the styles of fishtail skirts, and how should we choose?

First, choose gentle light colors with floral elements to create a casual neighborhood style

Most of the fishtail dresses on the market are more sexy than casual. In fact, it is not the case, how to wear a fishtail skirt is completely based on personal preferences, if you like the fishtail skirt, and want to use the fishtail skirt in your daily life. Then you might as well try some gentle and light-colored fishtail skirts, which not only avoid giving people too sexy,

The visual experience can also highlight the gentle and casual character

。 At the same time, the elements with flowers can also highlight the small and delicate feeling, which is suitable for casual wear.

Second, a single color creates a sense of simplicity and atmosphere

The fishtail skirt can be said to highlight the line of the waist and hips well, and people who wear this type of skirt can take care of the posture in a single move, giving people the feeling of style. So at this time, if choose too many colors especially

When many and bright colors are matched, it will turn the style into tacky,

Vaguely reveals a rustic feeling, so when choosing a fishtail skirt, try to choose a color combination with a relatively single and monotonous color, which is also easy for people to grasp the focus.

Third, the black hip-wrapped fishtail skirt and irregular tailoring create a fashionable intellectual style.

Irregular clothing tailoring can be said to be a necessary means to create a sense of fashion, such clothing matching means not only make you look more distinctive, but also can play an eye-catching role,

The black hip-wrapped fishtail skirt combined with this cutting method can’t help but make the skirt atmospheric and intellectual

。 If the shoulders are combined with a right-angled shoulder design, it makes people look more capable and powerful, and this fishtail dress can make you look generous and intellectually elegant.

Fourth, the large skirt with pleated design, gentle and fashionable

The fishtail skirt chest, waist and hips are a whole, and from the skirt it begins to spread out, and at the same time do some folds or overlays on the skirt, which can make the skirt more design and fashionable, if the fishtail skirt is slightly larger,

In the case of the same color, it can also make people look more atmospheric

。 However, for ordinary people, the fishtail skirt with a large skirt is not used in ordinary life, so we must be able to choose

Slightly shorter lace skirt instead.

Fashion summary

Although the fishtail skirt is the best choice to show the figure of women’s waist and hips, it is still necessary to avoid choosing this type of skirt for girls with flesh and abdomen, and at the same time, we should not choose flat bottoms to match when wearing fishtail skirts.

Otherwise, the fishtail skirt will lose its own sexiness

, will also make the overall outfit look

Bland, no highlights.

There are still many unpredictable pits in the wearing of fishtail dresses, and you have to go to the way you want to wear them

Explore, match

to find the style that suits you. That’s it for today.

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