The desugared rice cooker is still blowing, involving Subor, Gree, Oaks, Jiuyang and so on


Desugared rice


“It’s hotly debated

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Internet celebrity rice cooker “smash the pot”! Here comes the experimental data

Experimentally proved

Desugared rice cookers do not desugar

November 2

The reporter found on many e-commerce platforms

There are still many merchants present


Desugared rice cooker

Lively over “Double 11”

Many brands still promote “sugar reduction” and “sugar reduction”

According to the test of Beijing Nutrient Source Research Institute, the results show that the same 3 taels of rice are converted into almost the same amount of blood sugar after being absorbed by the body.

The so-called desugared rice cooker does not have the effect of “desugaring” rice, and some sellers claim a sugar reduction rate of 70%.

On November 2, a reporter from China Consumer Daily searched for “desugared rice cooker” on an e-commerce platform, and many products still came out, some of which were also announced in product introductions

“A month is equivalent to eating 564 sugar cubes less.”

“Deep desugaring 70%” ↓

Subor, Gree,




All major brands have it

Hypoglycemic promotion, desugaring, low sugar ↓

There are quite a few claims

German and Japanese brands

Experts: Suspected of false propaganda and even consumer fraud

The Guangdong Consumer Council has conducted a comparative test and found that the function of low-sugar rice cookers on “lowering sugar” is easy to mislead.

Let consumers mistakenly think that the product has the function of “lowering blood sugar”.

Chen Yinjiang, deputy secretary-general of the Consumer Rights Protection Law Research Association of the China Law Society, was interviewed

said that this rice cooker had the words “desugaring instrument” printed on the outer packaging, which clearly violated the Advertising Law.

“Desugaring cooker” in practical applications

It is difficult to achieve the advertised effect, and it is also suspected of false publicity and misleading consumers, and may even constitute consumer fraud.

In accordance with the

Consumer Rights Protection Act

Consumers can demand compensation of three times the price, and the relevant departments can also punish the merchant in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

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