Military / tactical outdoor watch which is strong? Take you understand the top ten brands of the world

Lift military / tactical outdoor watches, the split armed forces in the minds of the whole armed, hand-held rifle fields. It seems that military watches have become their synonymous.


Military / tactical outdoor watches, the thick, simple, rough shape, can also easily conquer the heart of each man!

Today, I will introduce the top ten military / tactical outdoor watch brands.

MTM Special OPS


The headquarters is located in the American Watch Company of Los Angeles, 15 years, has been for the US Special Services, Navy Sailor, Air Force Pilot, Delta Special Forces, US Army Tiles, FBI Agents, DEA (Anesthetics), Swat Special Police Team, The UK SAS, Israeli Special Forces, etc. provide military watches.


Unlike the rich play table, the watch of the soldiers is really high technology. Not only is it strong, but the most critical is that you have no place to buy. In the MTM Special OPS of the US Special Forces, this military watch is developed by the American Watch Company. This list has been listed more than 15 years. After 15 years, it has been for the US Special Service Bureau, Navy Sales Assault Team. Air Force Pilots, Delta Special Forces, US Army Tiles, FBI Agents, DEA (Anemide Cash), SAS Special Police Team, British SAS, Israeli Special Forces and other institutions and troops.


It can be seen that MTM Special OPS is a special watch for unclatted “American Iron Allies”. It is not good. You can’t get it. It is similar to one identity certificate and a gold medal. And the reason why the United States controls the MTM Special OPS military watch, just because the MTM Special OPS military watch function is too powerful, many black technology are the world, if it is broken by the US enemy, then it is equal to the United States lost An important military equipment.

The reason why the MTM SPECIAL OPS military watch is so important, mainly its black technology is too counter-sky, such as the inside of the MTM Special OPS military watch with three LED lights, the general watch is light, see a map, look, good effect Some can take the door to hunting firewood. The LED lights of the MTM SPECIAL OPS military watch include not only the above functions, but also signals to a helicopter within a kilometer. Therefore, the MTM SPECIAL OPS military watch is also a rescue signal transmitter. This will be very useful in the war.

More critical is that the MTM SPECIAL OPS military watch uses electromagnetic induced charging. This charging method is particularly high, and it can be repeatedly charged like a mobile phone. It will be charged for more than one month as it is more than 8 hours. 30 days in 8 hours. The long standby child is unbranched.


In addition, the battery of the MTM SPECIAL OPS military watch can be used in 10 years, even in a 60 degree inflammatory environment, it can also operate.


More exaggerated is that the battery is not the largest black technology of the MTM Special OPS military watch. This military watch has two black technology, one is that its housings and straps are solid stainless steel, and the dial is manufactured with carbon fiber material for electroplating treatment. From the perspective, the MTM Special OPS military watch is even more than the sword Also hard, in extreme cases, the MTM Special OPS military watch can be used as a throw weapon.

Another black technology called ultra-long night light, and other luminous tables are different with phosphors or luminous materials. The MTM Special OPS military table uses 气 夜 夜, MTM SPECIAL OPS military table designer seals 气 密 超 管In the middle, the luminous lighting is provided by qi, because is a nuclear fuel, so the night light capacity of the MTM Special OPS military watch can be kept for 25 years. Many people will say that will nuclear fuels do not radiate harm to users? The answer is not because the material of the MTM Special OPS military watch is irradiated.

Can send signals, repeated charging also with nuclear fuel, such a military watch, no wonder the US military will be so careful of it is acquired by terrorists, others do not speak the nuclear fuel in the table, if they fall in terrorists is a humanitarian disaster The US military must pay attention.



As a table of Switzerland, although the Swiss list, this form is a fashion table. Only one feature is the TRASER source, but compared with the MTM of the world military watch, this TRASER light source is negligible, appearance The strap is used by the nylon strap, the collision is relatively weak, and the harsh environment cannot be taken outdoors. So this is not an outdoor military meter. But for more love fashion customers, it is worth it.

Ruminos Luminox

This table is ranked in the world, and the third-generation military watch in Switzerland is also the third-generation military watch in Switzerland. In propaganda as the military watch used by the US military, but in the real outdoor use, the collision is not strong, and the strap is in outdoor use, there is a bump, there is a scratch. Ruminos’s main propaganda is very in place, so this is not a professional outdoor military watch, so it is used in a general outdoor camping and low difficulty. Because the previous propaganda is in place, it is ranked, still a bit of grades.

Swiss Made Swiss military official table

About the Swiss military official table, this category is relatively wide, brand is also more messy, more famous with Wenger, Victorinox, Genesis, Swiss Army, Swiss Mountain Patrol, etc., it will not be listed, put them Unify “SWSS MADE”.

Marathon military watch


Marathon, the most authentic US military active military watch, the only US government certified, the table has US Government, (this is the oldest version, is used by the US active forces, there is no Government in the production of the European Union The national troops used by each stainless steel dial have a complete army number. So this table has a collection value except for the use value.


The Hamilton Hamilton, which is well-known with high quality timer is a table factory established in the Town, Pennsita, USA in 1892. During the first war, the US government has supplied cutting-edge technology for the US government during the first battle. Timer. During the Second War, Hamilton Hamilton Table was selected to produce a variety of watches, clocks, astronomical clocks, and measuring devices for the US military and Allies. Almost every military vehicle or ship that prepares to fight is equipped with Hamilton Hamilton.

5.11 HRT tactical watch

5.11 Tactical Series and Horus Vision are designed by the LLC team, and have internal construction of the ballistic trial function of long-range sniper rifle design in its titanium all-in-one. Anyway, it is very cool. H.R.t tactical watches with ballistic trial systems, the sniper of the military special forces, the sniper of law enforcement officers, the general folk long range race, can provide the function of the trip to triggery. And the coolest is that the 5.11 tactical series H.R.T contains tactical watches of the ballistic trial system, all of which are included in a small watch. Therefore, it can be said that it is very convenient to carry.


Langkun laco

Langkun table Laco is a famous German watch brand. In 1925, the company was founded by two extreme talents of German watchmakers Frieda Lacher and Ludwig Hummel in German watch. Pusheim. During the Second World War, German brand Langkun laco laco was named after the World War II, the name of the audio, and its original inner and outer ring with the inner and outer ring of the Arab figures and the three-needle coated with fluorescent materials became a modern pilot. Standard design of the table.

Ches Durui Chase Duiter


More than a decade ago by Hollywood producer Brandon and Mary, Ans and Swiss partners Stephen Durui, the company specially met the professional pilot (civilian, military) in the real price, the top quality manufactured by the top quality In the case of the design work, the company is looking for a pilot in various fields, and then begins to design, produce samples, finally put into production, Ches Durui’s shape, function, rugged and reliability Immediately for the aviation field Known. Not only is it to meet important needs, but also their price makes other companies that produce similar products.

Xinn Sinn

The SINN of the German March started to be a flight instrument, founder Helmutsinn started manufacturing a pilot’s watch in Germany – Frankfurt, one as a tool for tools to provide maximum functionality and professional pilot. Requirements for powerful and perfect. At that time, those watches were sold directly from the factory, and they did not sell with dealers. With a very high value, the quality of the first level, and the most cost-effective price / performance ratio, SINN’s name is quickly circulated in the pilot.

This time I introduced so much about military / tactical outdoor watches. Welcome everyone to supplement, correct. [Small applause]

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