Reba wore a split skirt to attend the event! The uncle held up a 3-meter-long pole to take pictures, and five or six bodyguards gathered around him

Recently, actress Di Li Gerba attended a brand event in Guangzhou. I saw Di Li Gerba wearing a silver split long skirt, with silver high heels, the high split skirt revealed a pair of straight and slender legs, and the hair was dyed blue, very sexy and charming.

From the picture, you can see that there are very many people at the scene, and it is no exaggeration to describe it as a sea of people. A very interesting scene appeared, there was an old grandfather crowded in the crowd, tied to a very long pole with the camera held high to take pictures, and was jokingly called by netizens that the old man took his own fishing rod to take pictures.

When Di Li Gerba appeared, he was surrounded by five or six tall and strong bodyguards, as well as two or three staff members. I saw that a lot of people behind Di Li Gerba were holding mobile phones to shoot, and more than a dozen security guards were maintaining order at the scene, and the scene was very huge.

Di Li Gerba’s style and style are very varied, and she has been experimenting and mastering various styles. This red swinging princess dress sets off Di Lireba’s snow-white skin, with a red bow on the back of her head and sapphire earrings on her ears, making her look like a princess walking out of a castle.

Di Li Gerba wore a black off-the-shoulder dress, her black hair was combed back, revealing a full forehead and delicate facial features, and matched with a complete set of pearl jewelry, Di Li Gerba looked elegant and noble.

Di Li Gerba is wearing a red coat, one side of the neckline is open to reveal a delicate and beautiful collarbone, a wet messy hair, and with a watch on the left hand, the whole set is sexy and elegant without losing its knowledge.

Di Li Gerba wears a resort-style purple slip flower dress, a garland decoration that matches the color of the skirt on the back of her head, and gold earrings to match it, and a coconut tree beach background.

Di Li Gerba’s style has always been hotly debated by everyone, but she is also always looking for new breakthroughs, not limiting her own style and possibilities. This also tells everyone to have the courage to try different styles and create unlimited possibilities for themselves.

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