What brand of bone conduction bluetooth headset is good, what brand of bone conduction headset is good and cost-effective

With the development of society, the experience of science and technology improvement, people pay more and more attention to health, bone conduction headset with its irreplaceable advantages, collected a group of bone conduction enthusiasts. Bone conduction earphones do not block the ear canal and do not rely on the eardrum, which is very helpful for the health of the ear canal compared to traditional earphones. The following to recommend several bone conduction headphones, I hope this article can help you, you can buy suitable bone conduction headphones!

1, NANK Nanka Runner pro2 bone conduction headphones

Nanka Runner Pro 2 bone conduction headphones, compared with traditional headphones, in order to make the headphones have better sound quality volume, Nanka Runner Pro 2 adopts exclusive full-oscillation directivity technology, by increasing the effective vibration area of the vibrator, thereby improving the sound quality volume and achieving a better experience effect. The OT closed leakage reduction 3.0 technology independently developed by Nanka essentially reduces the problem of sound leakage, and finally completes the leakage reduction effect by 90%. At the same time, NFC is added more innovatively, which can automatically complete the connection close to the mobile phone, which is accurate, efficient and trouble-free; Comes with 16G memory, can support MP3 mode, support IPX8 deep waterproof, unlock the use of underwater scenes. The emergence of the South Carolina Runner pro 2 has created a high-cost headset for consumers that meets all the conditions of listening needs, and can always protect hearing, do not hurt the ear, and healthy bone conduction.

2. Shokz AS800 bone conduction headphones

Shokz AS800 adopts LeakSlayer’s leakage cancellation technology + integral technology 180 degree phase difference reverse elimination of sound leakage, the call sound quality is clear and not floating, using “home” call noise reduction technology, further optimize noise recognition ability, comfortable and stable wearing design, stable Bluetooth connection, provide better sound quality performance.

3. FMJ B2 bone conduction Bluetooth headset

Entry-level bone conduction headphones, the fuselage comes with 8G memory, there is a 16G version optional, the capacity can be said to be completely enough for daily listening to songs, can be used as an independent mp3, without headphones can also achieve the freedom of listening to songs. Equipped with 5.0 Bluetooth smart chip to ensure the stability of the connection, call noise reduction function has, waterproof level can only be life waterproof performance, if the sweat is relatively large, it is not recommended to choose Oh, bone conduction technology is also relatively general, better than the price is cheap, want to try the choice.

4. Shanshui i1 bone conduction headset

Shanshui i1 is a binaural true wireless stereo bluetooth headset, IPX7 deep waterproof, stable bluetooth 5.0, touch pressure-free design, no connection of the link, are its characteristics, but shutdown can only be put in the charging case, the earphone can not adjust the volume level, for the sound quality requirements of the baby recommended can look at the other, but the cost performance is okay, the price is affordable.

5. NANK Nanka Runner CC2 bone conduction headset

Runner CC2 of the bone conduction entry series, you can experience safer bone conduction headphones for only 100 yuan, the material of the titanium alloy rear hanging, no matter how to break it will not be distorted and deformed, full of toughness. Rounded appearance, simple and lightweight, 6 hours of battery life, to meet the amount of exercise of a day. Bluetooth with 5.0 design, stability and connection distance are very good, entry-level price can enjoy bone conduction headset, make sports more safe, you may wish to try this, start absolutely not a loss.

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