What is the difference between Loctite UV glue and AB glue

What is the difference between AB glue and Loctite UV glue? Now there are a variety of adhesives on the market, among which Loctite shadowless adhesive and Loctite production of AB glue is often used in many glues of adhesives, many people in the selection of glue will be very confused, these two glues are some differences, today, Xiaobian will talk to you about the difference between these two glues!

1. The curing speed of these two glues is different, AB glue will generally complete the initial curing in one to thirty minutes, and the complete hardening will be left for 24 hours. The higher the temperature, the faster the cure. The curing of the shadowless adhesive is not affected by the temperature, and it will be cured after 1-2 minutes of LED lamp or ultraviolet lamp irradiation

2. Curing method AB glue is another name for two-liquid mixed hardener, one liquid is this glue, one is the hardener, and two liquid mixtures must be hardened. The shadowless adhesive is also known as photosensitive glue, ultraviolet light curing glue, shadowless adhesive is a kind of glue that must be cured by ultraviolet irradiation

3. AB glue and shadowless glue have very high fullness and transparency after curing, and will have a crystal-like texture

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