This product has 16 million colors that scares the baby to death

This product has 16 million colors that scares the baby to death

Light bulbs are very common in life. The principle of the bulb is also very simple, made according to the principle of the thermal effect of electric current. After the bulb is connected to the rated voltage, the current is heated to an incandescent state (above 2000C) through the filament, so that it heats up and emits light. Thus, during operation, electrical energy is converted into internal energy and light energy. The history of light bulbs can be traced back to 1879, and Edison led mankind to open a new “bright era” with a tungsten wire light bulb; Today, more than a century later, the 130-year-old incandescent lamp is old, giving way to the new protagonist – LED lamp. After more than a century, people continue to pursue a higher quality of life, today, the popularity of the Internet allows us to enter the era of smart 1.0, the popularity of smart phones, the birth of more and more smart homes into people’s lives. The product introduced today has 16 million colors and can be controlled remotely, and it is the Yeelight LED color bulb manufactured by Xiaomi Eco Chain. Come and experience it with me.

All products under the Xiaomi ecological chain are packaged in a unified white cardboard box to facilitate users to better distinguish.

The packaging of Yeelight LED color light bulbs is no exception, white carton design, the appearance is very simple, only on the front of the box there is a product logo. On the back of the box is some information about the colorful bulb.

Yeelight LED color light bulbs are very different from our ordinary bulbs, the only thing that is the same is the use of E27 screws. This design is more convenient for users to use without replacing the lamp holder, and it is convenient to install.

The lamp head is made of composite material and is very strong. Information about the product is also printed on it. Yeelight LED color bulb power consumption is 9W, color temperature range 1700K-6500K, working voltage: 220V – 50hz 0.1A. The lampshade is made of PC material with high light transmission, and the light emitted is still very soft.


Yeelight LED bulbs released a white light version as early as 2015, with intelligent remote control as a selling point, coupled with low prices, by users unanimously praised, but also for the smart bulb industry to play a leading role.

The overall shape of the Yeelight LED color light version and the white light version is the same, except for the different materials used for the lamp head, there is no other change. There is also the difference in the weight of the two bulbs, and the color version is heavier.

The accompanying manual also introduces the installation steps and product features of Yeelight LED color light bulbs in detail, as well as how to restore factory settings.

Nowadays, when it comes to intelligence, we cannot fail to talk about the APP software associated with it. Yeelight LED color light bulbs are no exception, below, let me demonstrate it for you through the APP. Users of Xiaomi mobile phones can download the plug-in of the light bulb directly through the “smart home” APP and connect with it. Other brands of mobile phones, the connection is also very simple, first need to download the “smart home” APP, and then download the plug-in lies in its interconnection.

Open the “Smart Home” APP, and the software will automatically detect whether there are new smart devices. After the device is detected and click “OK”, the software will automatically set up the connection with the router and cloud services.

After the mobile phone is paired with the router and cloud service connection, the plug-in of Yeelight LED color light version can be officially downloaded, and after the download is completed, the connection can be successfully connected and controlled.

The APP function of Yeelight LED color light bulb is still very rich. When using it for the first time, there will be a simple operation tutorial, slide up and down to adjust the brightness, and swipe left and right to adjust the light and dark. At the bottom of the control page, there are many controllable functions, first of all, the light bulb’s switch button, in the case of turning on the light, it is to turn off the light, and when the light is turned off, it is to turn on the light.

In color mode, 16 million colors of light adjustment can be carried out, and the operation method is still to slide up and down to adjust the brightness, and swipe left and right to select the color. With so many colors, there’s always one for you.

It doesn’t matter whether you are reading a book, or working, dinner or watching a movie, depending on the scene, the light source required is different. In daylight mode, by adjusting the brightness and color temperature, you can always adjust the light that suits you.

Streamer mode, 16 million colors to switch at will, and change the light. Click “Streamer Settings” at the top to enter the interface of the color wheel, select a color by sliding the arrow on the color wheel, and the light bulb will change the color of the presentable color. If that’s not enough, try the color of the photo.

You can choose a photo from your library, or take a photo with the rear camera or front camera, and then slide the color locator to choose your favorite color. Once selected, click Apply and the light bulb will appear in the color you selected. You can also choose the collection function, and you can directly click on it in the collection in the future.

Collection interface, built-in four different scenes, click on each scene, Yeelight LED color light bulb will present the corresponding color of the scene, at the same time, the collection page will also change color with the change of scene. Maybe these scenes don’t satisfy you, try adding scene functions.

In addition to the collection interface, in the interface in other modes, click the upper left corner to appear four options: settings, delay to turn off lights, timer switch, and smart scene. In the setting menu, you can also enjoy the operation of delaying the switch light, and you can also create a light group and upgrade the firmware. The timer switch can customize the time to turn on and off. In the intelligent scene, you can add different scenes according to your own needs, and use different lights in different occasions, saving the trouble of adjustment.

In the boring life, there are always some new and interesting smart home products that bring happiness to people. Today’s introduction of Yeelight LED color light bulb is such a product, its simple design style, but highlighting ordinary luxury. The solid material and excellent workmanship also make it have a long service life, 6 hours a day, can be used continuously for 11 years, 16 million color changes, but also make it unique. In the ever-changing lighting atmosphere, you may find the romance and warmth that you have lost for a long time.

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