Immersed in the Jiangnan water town, every frame of “Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog” is worth savoring

iQIYI’s “Mist Theater”, everyone is familiar with it, right? Recently, this good drama screening hall has brought us a fascinating boutique drama, which is – “Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog”. As the opening work of this year’s Misty Theater, “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog” continues the exquisite production, superb acting skills of the actors and super high quality.

Directed by Wang Xiaoshuai and Hua Qi’s heavyweight director, Duan Yihong, Hao Lei, Zu Feng, Wu Yue and other powerful actors participated, which first laid the quality guarantee of this drama. Especially the drama between the bones of the old drama makes netizens shout “This is the acting skill that makes people lose their hearts!” ”

The second is the texture of the picture, the opening of the ink style echoes the core of the Kunqu opera, and the sense of national style is immediately revealed. This is actually a very testing of production skills, and “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog” gives the audience extreme comfort from the lens language, picture composition to detailed description.

In the opening film, the Jiangnan ink style is eye-catching. Two similar blue and red girls pass by on the bridge, merging into orange when they rub shoulders, which is actually a metaphor for the fate of the characters in the play.

In the humid Jiangnan water town, people, love, and scenery are like whispering in a continuous drizzle. In the extremes, each character is eager to seize calm and balance, and everything seems to be on the verge of collapse and collapse. The octagonal pavilion is in this water town, although it has broken corners, but it has always stood tall.

Showing the truth in small details is the deepest feeling this drama gives the audience.

Obviously, “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog” is just the beginning of laying the foundation with the acting skills and aesthetic texture of powerful actors, different from previous suspense dramas, it focuses the camera more accurately on family affection, family and human nature.

So, what kind of drama is “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog”? And why is it fascinating? Let’s explore it together.

To understand “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog”, we must first know what this drama is about?

The story takes place in a small town in Jiangnan Water Town, where several members of the Xuan family live, and there are four sons and daughters, the eldest son and three daughters. The originally happy family became shattered one day due to the death of their youngest daughter Xuanzhen.

The youngest daughter, Xuanzhen, was eighteen years old and was killed on a rainy day. After 19 years, he has never been able to find the real murderer.

Therefore, during these 19 years, Xuanzhen’s family has suffered a lot. The eldest brother Xuanliang blamed himself for not being able to pick up his sister in time because of dating, so he let his sister suffer an accident.

The second sister, Hyunmin, thought that she was passing through school at that time and failed to persuade her sister to get on the bus and go home with her, so she was very guilty.

Even, they all pinned their feelings on Nianmei, who looked like Xuanzhen. Especially Xuanliang, watching his daughter grow more and more like his sister Xuanzhen, his worries accumulated. Therefore, even though her daughter is in high school, Xuanliang still picks her up from school every day.

The impressive scene is that when Xuanliang saw the gangster Zhu Shenghui harassing his daughter Nianmei, he couldn’t control himself and beat Zhu Shenghui in front of everyone. But after returning home, he complained that Nian Mei was too “swaggering”, which made many netizens feel suffocated.

But as the plot unfolds, when we go deep into Xuanliang’s heart and know his pain, we can’t help but sigh, maybe this is a Chinese parent. They have a deep love for you, but they never express it well. As for love, the Xuan family did not deal with it well 19 years ago. The family did not know how to divide love equally between the two children, and unconditionally favored Hyun-jin among them, so that it eventually caused a tragedy.

And the one who was most hurt by the original family was Xuanzhu. The family’s preference for Xuanzhen made Xuanzhu go away, and half of his life was lived in unhappiness and shadows.

Therefore, some people will regard “Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Mist” as the sentient appearance of the Chinese family and the original family.

Such portrayal of the original family and character depiction takes place in Jiangnan Water Town, which makes people feel more substitutionary. Audiences who have seen “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Fog” should be familiar with the rain in Jiangnan, the continuous rain curtain knocks on the octagonal pavilion, dripping on the ground, and the cold air instantly hits. At the same time, it also makes people perceive the coldness of human nature.

And in the end, the sky of this water town finally cleared, and the haze that shrouded the octagonal pavilion cleared in love and reconciliation. In the last scene of “Octagon Pavilion Mysterious Mist”, Nian Mei and Xuanzhu laugh at each other and say “I love you”.

This is what Xuanzhu and Nianmei said, it was also said with Xuanzhen, and it was said with this family. We saw Hyunjoo’s heart-wrenching scars, and finally saw that she could reconcile with the past, her family, and herself, which was really gratifying and touching.

“Octagonal Pavilion Mysterious Fog” is an atypical suspense drama, which starts with a murder case and ends with solving a murder case, but in the whole process, what is more important and more gripping is the influence of each character brought by the original family.

Such a good drama, now in iQiyi has been watched in full, listen to me, you must feel it well, I believe you will have your own revelation and understanding.

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