Can a cup made of PP be filled with boiling water?

Plastic water cup is estimated that most people have used, compared to glass water cup, plastic water cup is more resistant to falling, not easy to break, and the overall is also very light, easy to carry, these are the reasons why people are willing to use plastic water cup, in the material of plastic water cup pp material is one of the more common materials, compared to PC cup can not be filled with boiling water, will release bisphenol A harmful substances. So can a cup made of PP material hold boiling water?

First of all, it is certain that the cup of PP material can be filled with hot water, in fact, from the health of the human body can hold boiling water plastic water cup only tritan material and PP material two plastic materials, PP plastic material non-toxic, and its strength and heat resistance are relatively good, is able to hold boiling water, in addition PP material cup can be put into the microwave oven heating, of course, PP material here refers to the source of regular PP material, Using cups of inferior materials of dubious origin to hold boiling water is very harmful.

Can a cup made of PP be filled with boiling water?

Dongguan Zhanyi Commodity Technology Co., Ltd. produces various capacities and styles of plastic water cups, can produce single-layer plastic cups, double-layer plastic water cups, thickened plastic water cups, etc., plastic materials for PP, AS, Tritan, each product can pass FDA, LFGB and Japanese import and export product safety testing.

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