Car fragrance avoids “Thunder” Guide, “high-grade fragrance” in different prices

For many car owners, the air quality in the car can be described as their “heart-to-heart”, regardless of the new car itself, or the next day, there are various flavors of additional tastes, and improve the air quality in the car. The emergence of car perfumes, the owners are like a “life-saving straw”, trying to use it to improve the air quality in the car. On the market, the car is full of juicy fish, and many owners have spitted the thunder of countless car perfume.

Regarding the purchase of car perfume, grasp these three “refuses”, basically away from the car perfume “mine”:

1, refused to puncture the pungent. With pungent car perfume containing a lot of alcohol, the safety factor is extremely low, and it is easy to explode in the sun exposure or enclosed environment.

2, refuse the bottle fancy. Many car perfumes on the market rely on the strange strange bottle to win the eyeball. The material of such bottles uses more plasticity, the explosion-proof effect is extremely poor, easy to collision or long-term use in a closed environment, and the crack is inevitable.

3, refusal price is too low. Low-cost car perfumes, using inferior essential oils in the production process, add a large number of additives to reduce costs, and use long-term use of physical health and trigger chronic diseases.

Three different price, safety, and colorful values ​​recommended

Jo Malone London Zuma Mao car aromatherapy car car


Price: ¥ 750

Optional fragrance: citrus, floral, wooden

Recommended index: ⭐⭐

Recommended reason:

1. Zuma’s brand back book

2. The simple appearance, the strong British style is favored by young people

3. The fragrance effect is stable, and it is continuously fragrant for three months.


1. The difference in fragrance is poor, you need to get the aroma

2. Low safety factor, easy to hair

3. The price is expensive


L’Original Lori Europe


Price: ¥ 519

Optional fragrance: leather with sandalwood, wild chamomile with freesia, roses and amber

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐

1.iphone with texture aluminum alloy bottle, color value online

2. The diffusing bracket uses a rotational opening and closing mode, replacing the sachet is easier.

3. Solid aromatherapy, uniform fragrance

4. Spices and Dior uses the same supplier, all of the Dior

1. Short incense, only 30 days of fragrance

2. Poor abilities

3. Metal texture is more popular in male groups

4. Small price

Tulas Solar Galaxy Car Perfume

Recommended index: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Price: ¥ 188

Optional fragrance: ancient dragon flavor, ocean flavor and fig

1. Natural spices have no added alcohol

2. International certification plant essence, baby pregnant women can be used

3. The principle of rotation of turbine fan leaves, 1 second

4. Take a fragrance effect of 365 days

5. No fear of the festival, bottle 9H crystal drill military explosion explosion

6. Moderate price, cost performance

7. Tulaz engaged in the car and aromatherapy research and development for four years, the first solid car aromatherapy, solving the perfume leakage, the explosive market pain, led the domestic car aromatherapy market for many years

Insufficient: No found

Car perfume market fish dragon is mixed, and various brands have emerged, most of the market sells in low prices. When we choose the car perfume, we must polish your eyes and choose a quality and professional brand. However, if you want to completely improve the air quality in the car, in addition to using car perfume, you have to open the window, and the internal and external cycle is Wang Daowei!

Recommended reason:

Recommended reason:


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