Hit the cabinet to choose woodworking board or paint-free board? Carpentry: This board has a short life and peels! You decide for yourself

My home decoration carpentry is ready to enter the field, such as suspended ceilings and cabinets are waiting for him to do, but my husband and I quarreled over whether to choose woodworking boards or paint-free boards for cabinets, and finally asked the master, he still suggested that we use paint-free boards!

First of all, the advantages of paint-free board, in fact, from the literal meaning of its name, it is a board that does not need to be painted. Its production principle is to put the textured paper into melamine resin adhesive soaked, after drying and solidifying to a certain extent, it is spread on the surface of particle board (also called fiberboard, plywood, etc.) or other solid wood panels, and then hot pressed.

Because the texture paper pressed on the surface is varied, very fine and realistic, so it is very decorative, but also washable, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, acid-proof, anti-alkali, non-stick dust, very good care, construction is also very convenient, such as woodworking board also need sanding, painting, drying and other steps, with paint-free board can shorten the construction period.

The disadvantage of paint-free board is that the skill requirements for woodworking are relatively high, because the pattern paper on the surface of the paint-free board is not resistant to bumping, once damaged it can not be recovered, and it is difficult to eat nails many times in the decoration, it has a shorter life compared with the woodworking board, and after all, the outside is a pressed texture paper material, and the quality problem of peeling and blistering may occur for a long time.

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