Sharp goods in noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones – N reasons to buy the NeoBuds Pro


Bluetooth headset field water is very deep, although there is cabbage price, but the performance is also really crotch, high-end there are a few are indeed high-resolution and high-quality but also very expensive, the price of 1500-2000 is my living expenses for more than a month, so as a “poor” student party I still choose wired headphones, but wired headphones are indeed not as smart and convenient as Bluetooth headsets, so I have been searching for cheap and easy-to-use cost-effective Bluetooth headsets, and finally let me find a Bluetooth headset that is not expensive but not inferior to high-end – Rambler NeoBuds Pro.

1. High sound quality and low latency

It can be said that if the Bluetooth headset wants to achieve ultra-low latency, it is necessary to sacrifice the sound quality performance, but the Rambler NeoBuds Pro supports LHDC/AAC/SBC audio decoding, which can achieve very good sound quality performance at low latency, using a composite diaphragm plus Knowles moving iron circle iron combination to achieve a real three-band natural connection, the mid and high frequencies are clear and shocking, the bass dive is also very deep, the atmosphere is full, the resolution of the headphones is very good, and the details are in place. Whether it is popular songs or classical music or various musical instruments, there is no feeling of breaking the raw edge, nor will there be the cloudiness of inferior headphones, the sound is very exquisite, very pure and clear, listening to songs or listening to online lessons are very good.

And the Rambler NeoBuds Pro latency is indeed very low, I found through the actual measurement of games such as Honor of Kings that NeoBuds Pro can achieve a game experience with 80ms delay, but it is also related to the mobile phone model, and there will be a slight delay on some models, but the problem is not big, if you like to play games like me, Neo is a very good choice. With such low latency and such high sound quality, it’s no wonder that the NeoBuds Pro became the world’s first true wireless Bluetooth headset with a small gold standard certification.

2. The active noise reduction effect is good

Rambler NeoBuds Pro headphones are equipped with hybrid active noise reduction technology and have a noise reduction depth of 42 decibels, there are two modes of deep noise reduction and comfortable noise reduction, the noise reduction effect is below 1,000 yuan I think it can be played, especially to open the comfortable noise reduction effect I think it is really comfortable to use, personally I feel that deep noise reduction is not comfortable noise reduction is easy to use, and the noise floor is also the best control of comfortable noise reduction mode. After turning on noise reduction, I can also listen to some explanations on the bus and bus, so that I can study with peace of mind wherever I am. Then call noise reduction is three-microphone AI active noise cancellation, I think there is no Sony’s call noise reduction is powerful, but daily use is definitely enough, after turning on, the voice is still clear, and the noise next to it is much smaller.

3. High dustproof and waterproof level

I specially did some tests and found that the Rambler NeoBuds Pro can still be used normally after the splash of water droplets, so the sweat generated by Nissan exercise, or sudden rain is no problem, the sand and dust raised on the daily roadside will not cause any damage to the headphones, wear Bluetooth headsets to go shopping or exercise can be, wear firmly, comfort is also very good, I like the shape and sound quality of this more than sports headphones.

4. Battery life and fast charging

I think battery life is also a very important part of Bluetooth headsets, after all, if the battery life is not strong, other functions no matter how good there is no room to play, ramblers turn on noise reduction has a 5 + 15 battery life, do not turn on noise reduction can have 6 + 18 hours of battery life, because we will not always wear Bluetooth headsets for a long time, usually intermittent use, it this battery life is more than enough for our daily study and life use, and it also supports fast charging, If the power is really dead and urgent, it only takes ten minutes to continue to use it for an hour, and it usually takes only 1 hour for the headset to be fully charged, so I think for the student party this headset to listen to songs and listen to online classes and play games is enough, normally my words are about three or four days to charge, because the charging is quite fast, and it will not be particularly delayed.


In fact, most people are now more financially wealthy, although our student party is relatively poor, but do not want to buy a chicken rib bluetooth headset waste money, the price of a few hundred yuan of Rambler NeoBuds Pro is also acceptable for our student party, the key is very practical and easy to use, for me to spend money to buy NeoBuds Pro is not a loss!

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