“I used all the methods I could, because I didn’t recruit to beat the child”, is the father really helpless?

My colleague’s son was at a school in Nanshan, and the “violent” teenager in his class often moved his fist when he didn’t agree with each other, and disrupted the order of the class in English class. Just ask the parents of Little Fist to communicate with the school. After Little Fist’s father arrived at school, he slapped Little Fist twice before he could ask the reason, and Little Fist was so humiliated in front of other classmates that he almost jumped down from the 3rd floor and was stopped by the teacher to avoid a tragedy.

I learned from the little fist mother that his father’s education of him was simple and rude, either yelling or beating. Day after day, the child also becomes cranky. The teacher suggested stopping hitting the child, and the father felt very aggrieved: “I used all the methods I could, because I didn’t have a trick to hit the child.” ”

In fact, how many parents, when they are sick, force their children to take medicine, and parents themselves do not reflect, but force their children to change. As Li Meijin said: “When you find that it is difficult for children to educate, in fact, the problem has been very early.” Children’s problems are often man-made, and each psychological or behavioral problem of children must be related to the behavior of parents and the way parents are educated. The child’s problems are only the result, because of the parents.

I often hear friends around me complain that my children like to play mobile phones, IPAD, games do not leave the hand, as soon as you read a book, you are sleepy, but you don’t know, as parents, you also don’t leave your mobile phone every day, you can’t read a few books a year, you want your child to change the bad problem of playing mobile phones to play games, you yourself should lead by example.

Companionship is the best mother’s love, father’s love, my son from the first grade to the third year, he does homework I quietly next to read books or write articles, he sees that my heart is stable, homework completion speed and quality are very high, so now in the upper grade I basically do not need to supervise, only need to spot check his homework or basic knowledge (dictation, silent writing, etc.).

If you want to manage your children well, you must first manage yourself. Studies have found that children are born with “sensory organs”, children’s eyes are like cameras, ears are like amplifiers, and brains are like photocopiers. For children, parents are role models for children to learn from an early age.

Please take a look at the figure below, compared with the words and deeds of the child and yourself, do you have a clear understanding and understanding?

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