Apple Watch National Fitness Day Medal arrives 30 minutes of exercise to get

【CNMO News】In commemoration of the 2008 Olympic Games, China designated August 8 as “National Fitness Day”. This year, Apple launched the Apple Watch Activity Challenge again, where users who successfully complete 30 minutes or more of physical training on August 8 will receive exclusive badges and information stickers. In addition, users can listen to Apple Music’s selection of sports playlists and participate in this challenge with great motivation.

Apple Watch National Fitness Day medal

At present, Apple Watch already supports most daily sports projects. Sports, including running, high-intensity interval training, dance, yoga, etc., can be followed up through the physical training app and display the relevant data of the exercise. In addition, Apple Watch’s activity app encourages users to sit less, move more and exercise a certain amount every day.

Users familiar with the Apple Watch should be familiar with the “three rings”. If the user completes any exercise with no less intensity than brisk walking, the exercise time consumed by these exercises will be counted into the exercise ring in the activity app, and the user can fill the standing ring of the activity app by getting up for 1 minute every hour for 12 hours of the day.

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