Clara’s “stunner” figure is even envious of girls, wearing a short top with a hip-wrapping skirt, and her curves are really beautiful

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In many clothing fabrics and elements, mentioned

Elegance and femininity, “lace” is one of them

, the temperament and beauty it shows are obvious to everyone, not only fashionable and good-looking, but also highlight a series of fashion sense, especially when lace and skirts are combined, the unique charm seems to be felt without words,

Full of romance and sweetness.

It seems that whether it is the lace element itself or the lace skirt with charm, it has always been something that girls cannot refuse, it can show a more fashionable and better form, shaping your style.

Always felt

Lace skirt

It is a very beautiful costume, compared to other imposing skirts, this skirt shows more of a kind


, there will not be many edges and corners, make your temperament double.

Many female stars will also choose this type of skirt when attending the event, just like Clara’s outfit, a lace top + lace skirt, although the color is the basic color, but it can be shown in wear

Elegance and femininity

, but not vulgar, everything is just in good condition, very unique.

It can be seen that lace skirts not only have the style of dresses, skirts are also a good choice, wearing neither very boring and monotonous, on the contrary, can show more charm, but lace skirts can not be worn blindly, follow Clara to learn dressing skills, not vulgar and feminine, probably as long as you master some dressing skills, you can avoid wearing a tacky sense of dressing, shaped

Full of tones.

About tips for dressing lace skirts

The slim fit sets off the curves

Many people choose when wearing lace dresses

Compare slim styles

, probably this style of skirt is really able

Accentuates the curve of the waist,

Shape the ratio of waist and hips, visually look both beautiful and show a good wearing effect, and look less bloated.

Yes, when this kind of slim skirt and long fit, it seems that it is not so difficult to control, whether it is a slightly fat star or a thin girl, you can wear your own beauty.

Large areas of lace should be combined with the base color

It is worth noting that when wearing a lace skirt, if you choose a large area of lace form, it is best to combine it with the basic color, among them

Black and white are best

After all, the basic colors are all colors that can be controlled by everyone, and they will not be very contrary to the dressing, nor will they create an eye-catching effect, on the contrary, it is easier to create a sense of sophistication,

Show aura.

The high-waisted fit divides the proportions of the figure

Whether it’s a dress or a skirt,

Waist line

It’s a very important part of it, and it shows what you wear

sense of proportion,

It can also visually create a tall and thin effect, and it does not look short at all.

So when the white lace skirt is added to the high-waist design, not only will it not look very draggy, but it can also be better in wearing

Three-seven ratio

, highlighting the long legs, so it is very suitable for small girls, not only reflects the temperament and aura, but also dresses more fancifully.

Wear it with a statement top

For skirts, it is inevitable to match tops, so if you really don’t know what to match, you may wish to follow Clara’s outfit and choose a black crop top, the same

Lace trim

, will also appear that the clothing is very personality and fashionable, and it is very wearable


, and the appropriate blessing of skin exposure also avoids the boring and dull feeling of dressing, so Clara also knows too much about eyeballs, wearing a short top is not enough to match a hip skirt, the curves are charming and beautiful.

Demonstration of different lace dresses

White lace slightly sheer maxi dress

I have to say that the lace skirt is really a very beautiful clothing, it can not only create a sense of elegance and fashion for women, but also will not look so tacky in the outfit, whether it is a large area of decoration or a small area of embellishment, can reflect the temperament and beauty of wearing, just like Clara’s outfit, a white long skirt with lace and slightly transparent decoration, the outfit is very feminine.

Long white slip lace dress

Slip skirts have always been a favorite item for girls, whether it is wide shoulder straps or thin shoulder straps, it can always create a small temperament exclusive to women, and when the slip skirt is decorated with lace and tulle, it is not only eye-catching in wearing, but also looks very charming and temperamental, with a slim fit, shaping the S-shaped curve, which can be described as very sexy.

White lace skirt with a turtleneck

Compared with the long lace skirt, the short skirt has more sweet and playful charm, wearing neither very tacky, nor very old-fashioned, even if it is a large area of modification, is a beautiful show, but the form of high neck + puff sleeves on the clothing, not suitable for girls with a very fat upper body, will be very bloated, but the short version is not picky, showing the leg length and height!

In general, wear lace skirts to pay attention to these points, not vulgar and feminine, look at Clara to know, whether it is visual or clothing wear, very temperamental, but also very advanced.

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