Pre-sale 2.99-43,900 yuan QQ ice cream will be available on December 28

A few days ago, Chery New Energy officially announced that QQ ice cream will be officially launched on December 28, and the new car has officially opened pre-sale before, with a total of 3 models launched with a pre-sale price range of 2.99-43,900 yuan. The new car is positioned as a miniature pure electric vehicle, equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery pack, and has two cruising range versions, 120km and 170km.

Chery QQ ice cream


Pre-sale price (10,000 yuan)



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In terms of appearance, the new car inherits the family genes of the Shenche QQ, and also adopts a unique design language. The front face features a black closed front grille that adds visual layering. In the center of the grille is the Chery brand LOGO, and behind the LOGO is the charging interface. The cute headlights appear in a “U” shape after being lit, and their expressions are very soft and cute, and they are very recognizable. At the same time, Chery QQ Ice Cream released a total of six colors, including taro purple, sea salt blue, mint green, coconut white, light taupe and lemon yellow, which can meet the preferences of different groups of people.

The design of the side of the body looks relatively square, and two simple lines connect the front to the rear of the car, outlining the shape of the wheels, which is very cute. The A-C pillars and roof of the new car are designed in black, creating a visual feel of a suspended cockpit that enhances the futuristic feel of the new car. The design of the roof is relatively straight, which can also ensure the headroom of rear passengers. In terms of dimensions, the length, width and height are 2980/1496/1637mm, and the wheelbase is 1960mm.

The design of the rear also continues the cute genes of the QQ family, and the rear taillights are also presented in a “U” shape after being lit, echoing the headlights, and using a black treatment, which looks more sporty. The rear trunk is equipped with a looming diamond-shaped decoration, which is very delicate.

Coming to the car, the interior design of the new car is mainly in a simple style, and the boxy front control panel is simple to operate and within reach. In the interior of the car, the whole is double-colored, and there are three different scheme options to suit the preferences of young people.

QQ Ice Cream adopts i Joy gaming-grade seats, and the side circumference of the cushion and backrest is wide and thick, which improves the wrapping of the seat. The rear seats can also be reclined 50:50 to further free up space in the car.

In terms of power, the new car will adopt the drive motor of the model TZ160XFDM13A, the maximum power is 20 kW (27 horsepower), the maximum speed of the vehicle is 100 km / h, and the new car provides lithium iron phosphate power battery packs with a capacity of 9.6kW·h and 13.9kW·h, achieving two endurance versions of 120 km and 170 km.

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