What kind of self-defense tools are legal?

The domestic security environment is different from overseas, and most people do not need to worry too much about their personal safety every day, nor do they need to buy guns for self-defense like Lao Mei. Nevertheless, there are many people, especially single women who live alone, who want to prepare some self-defense tools. The problem is that many of the widely circulated self-defense tools on the market are not actually legal because they are too aggressive. So, what are the means of self-defense that are legal and suitable for public use?

First of all, let’s talk about illegal things, basically things that can simply cause fatal casualties, and personal possession is illegal, including controlled knives, all kinds of Longquan swords, all kinds of antique weapons, all kinds of firearms that can be modified and strengthened, crossbows, etc. In addition, the popular throwing sticks, tiger fingers, tactical pens and the like on the Internet, although strictly speaking, are not illegal, but they are likely to be dangerous equipment, and they will be confiscated when they are checked or found by the police.

If you’re not sure exactly what is illegal or non-compliant, just look at its main use. If the main use of something is the “self-defense”, “tactics” and other offensive and defensive uses claimed by the business, it is basically not very reliable, do not try the method by example. Another simple way is to use JD or TB to search, if there is no product displayed according to the regular search method, there must be a problem.

So, what are the legal self-defense tools? Aside from household kitchen knives and pencil knives whose main targets are not “self-defense” and have limited effect, most legal self-defense tools are only things that are mainly used for other functions but can be used for defensive actions, such as baseball bats, golf clubs, large flashlights, large wrenches, large screwdrivers, hard books in handbags, etc. These are not manufactured for self-defense, but they are hard and have a certain length, and can indeed be used for protection in critical situations.

There is also something that the ladies are interested in, chili water. But to be honest, this thing is also illegal, and it is very inconvenient to use, and it cannot play the role of self-help in crisis situations, and it is often counterproductive under the influence of wind direction. I think my boyfriend’s self-defense is stronger than chili water. Of course, you can’t abuse your boyfriend, such as desperately arching the fire when you encounter a spat, so that your boyfriend and each other fight…

It should be pointed out that in the current environment, even if self-defense, the use of various “legal” objects to cause casualties is still very likely to bear corresponding responsibilities. And once you have the equipment in hand, the mentality of the person may change, the situation may escalate, and the quarrel may turn into an armed confrontation.

Therefore, the best way to defend oneself is still “a soldier who surrenders without a fight”. When staying at home, pay attention to locking doors and windows, installing cameras, and opening doors carefully. When going out, you must plan in advance, do not haunt at unsafe times and places, if you must go, don’t always hook your head and stare at the mobile phone, pay more attention to the surrounding environment, leave in time if you feel unsafe, and leave the scene as quietly as possible when encountering a critical situation, downplay the situation or ask the police, staff, and surrounding people for help.

Remember that the law, law enforcement personnel, and your own caution are your best weapons of defense.

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