The newsroom is inflated? Call Ouyang Nana, incarnated as “human canvas shoes”!

The social interaction of contemporary young people has reached the point where you can look down at your shoes and know if you are the right person. In this era when even buying a pair of canvas shoes has to be lottery and distributed, in order to consolidate the status of Social Queen, this time the SuperELLE editorial department can only take out a hard-to-find canvas shoe and fight

It is estimated that Ouyang Nana does not have this trouble now, and also specially took a Vlog of canvas shoes and shared (dazzling) enjoyment (yao) with everyone, of course, this is only a small part of her canvas shoes.

So, canvas shoes really have such a big magic that can make the Martin boot body Ouyang Nana 5 years ago turn into a canvas shoe girl?

That’s right, how good canvas shoes are to drive, just look at Ouyang Nana’s OOTD. Anyway, nine times out of ten, daily looks are inseparable from it. Wearing it can be a cool girl without feelings.

It can also be Ouyang Nana, who suddenly wants to be a sweet girl.

In the same frame as the boss Ms. Yang Tianzhen and the domineering goddess Zhang Yuqi, Nana wrote in a suit with canvas shoes: Hey ~ sisters, the old lady is so cool effortlessly!

What’s even more unexpected is that the dress she wore when performing the cello was also made by her with a pair of canvas shoes to create a surprising sense of fashion! The title of “human canvas shoes” really did not waste its name!

It may be that after wearing canvas shoes, people are prone to expansion! So, what canvas shoes did the guts SuperELLE choose to compete with her?

After putting on Pinru’s clothes

You can’t do without Converse anymore

Converse, who even Ouyang Nana does not leave his feet, must have a name! But she is not the only one in the fashion industry who loves to wear Converse. North American “Ouyang Nana” Kaia is also obsessed with Converse.

So if you want to be a beautiful girl who is young and golden, the premise is that you must have a pair of Converse shoes first?

Female celebrities also often wear Converse to gallop at airports where soldiers must fight. Song Qian’s dress style and Song Yanfei’s suit style, one casual and one retro, who do you pick?

In fact, Converse really has no restrictions on clothing style, even if you wear Pinru’s clothes, the editorial office dares to pack tickets, you can not do without Hong Shixian!

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After the lottery distribution incident some time ago, the people who can wear Converse now have mastered the lifeblood of fashion! As the current façade of Converse, the current Chuck Taylor 1970s, money does not necessarily have to buy it. But how can SuperELLE easily throw in the towel, not only found it, but also the less common polka dot model!

Fashion editor Audrey

“I feel like I’m floating when I put it on, but I still have to pretend to be calm! The loose storm jacket is paired with a tight dress, which unlocks the new posture of the dress, and does not accept rebuttals~”

Dress: Puma

Storm suit: Nike

Bag: Chloé

Sunglasses: D-Antidote

Shoes: Converse

Converse’s most classic evergreen, the All Star red canvas shoes are just that. Wearing it will tell at first glance that you are definitely the one who stands out among the pheasants!

Fashion editor Ashley

“Since ancient times, red and blue have come out of CP, so whether you use Converse with a dress dress like Nana, or with a blue denim piece, it is equally useful. Oversize’s denim suit is paired with a sports vest to raise the waistline, and the heart is not a little yo~”

Sports vest: Nike

Polka-dot denim jacket: Bullshit Lab

Polka-dot jeans: Bullshit Lab

Bag: Loewe

As a brand that loves social, Converse releases a lot of joint models every year, and it is constantly speculated in the sneaker market. However, the sisters of the editorial department, did not grab a pair before… At this moment, he turned into Ouyang Nana’s lemon essence~

Even the well-known “male toe” Bai Jingting is wearing the Converse co-brand when he is not wearing AJ. The shoes handpicked by this man are also quite difficult not to be popular.

Fortunately, this time, after the unremitting efforts of the editorial department, I finally put it on, and I have been dashing ever since!

Wear Monogram on your feet, and this JW. Anderson and Converse joint model is simply the most versatile of the versatile. High-top Converse shoes please buy a size larger, the editorial office will not tell you because you can secretly stuff a pair of inner heightened insoles~

“Inspired by Nana’s suits, the effortless fashion sense is locked! Every time you wear white, you will bring your own reflector when you take photos. And the same color outfit is simply a must-have medicine for home travel for hobbys. ”

Big padded shoulder suit: Stylenanda

White flared pants: Stylenanda

The joint name of Miley Cyrus and Converse definitely expresses the truest version of themselves. Always bohemian and freedom-loving, she incorporated Bling Bling pink into her shoes. Rebellious and sweet, it’s your Miley that’s right!

“If you want to live a decent life, you always have to have a little green on your body. This year’s popular avocado green, you can boldly try it~ Don’t look at the color blocks all over the body, but the sole and bag color matching, and can contrast with green, immediately achieve chaos and order. ”


Patchwork skirt: Nike

It used to be “no money, buy Converse”, now “No money to buy, Converse.”

。 But if you only know about canvas shoes, how can it work? If Converse is the white rose of the canvas shoe world, Vans is undoubtedly the red rose.

In addition to skateboarding culture

What else does Vans stand for?

Vans, who never looks for celebrity endorsements, always has a magic that makes stars willingly wear it. The recent airport street photo saw Nana’s good sister Zu Goose wearing a pair of red Vans, with white skin and beautiful appearance.

I have also customized a pair of Vans with my name written on it before, and it seems that they are also die-hard fans.

Beautiful girls who love to wear Vans are really cool! An account was directly opened on Ins: vansgirls, compared with the convex and upturned AJ sister, vans girls seem to really have no idol baggage.

Shoes should also be as dirty as possible, skatepark wilderness, after all, a pair of clean sneakers is soulless.

Recently, the editorial office, which is keen on shoe abuse, stepped on Old Skool so that it can highlight the extraordinary attitude of the young people of Beishang Guangguang~

“The classic Old Skool is of course more compatible with black and white, tried a neutral mix, and the next second it feels like a skate girl!”

Polo neck dress: Fila Fusion


Strap: D-Antidote


Shoes: Vans

I have talked to you before about the combination of music and trends, and the guys who play music can also be said to love Vans deeply. Fan Fan, who likes to eat large bowls of wide noodles, prefers to wear Vans. The editorial office, which often raped him, did not expect that he had planted a grassland.

I just wanted to listen to a song quietly, but when I saw the album cover, I unknowingly chopped off a pair of shoes.

Although not looking for celebrity endorsements, Vans, who has always focused on street culture, and the late rock singer David Bowie made a joint name. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Bowie is the most wearable male singer. His album styling has influenced generations of people.

For example, this set of red boots from the album “Ziggy Stardust” directly breaks the boundaries between men and women.

This pair of Vans’ Sk8-Hi, red and black classic color matching and thick bottom design can be said to be a very high degree of restoration of Bowie’s shape.

“Vintage flared pants mix sporty pieces, futuristic cyberpunk style, wear these shoes and swing with me!”

Inner jumpsuit: Nike

Vest: D-Antidote

Flared pants: Chloé

Sunglasses: Prada

The other pair of Sk8-Hi co-branded by David Bowie and Vans this time is inspired by the larger album “Diamond Dogs”.

When the black-and-white checkerboard meets David Bowie, it’s a classic collision. Put the album cover Bowie and lightning bolt logo directly on the shoes with eye-catching red embroidery, and it is absolutely cool to wear!

“Tattoo bottoms with a sexy skirt shape, a stud beret on the head, and a pair of Bowie shoes to bless the inflated, this moment feels like you can rock this world!”

Undershirt: Delivery



Stud berets: SPMA X ZJY

Socks: Bullshit Lab

The heart has a tiger sniffing the rose

Onizuka Tiger is no stranger to people, this Japanese footwear brand founded in 1949 still has a place in the tide circle. However, many people may only know about it in the classic blue and red sneakers and tiger logo.

In fact, as a professional training shoe debut, Onitsuka Tiger has a very high appearance rate in film and television works. In Bruce Lee’s “Game of Death”, he wears Onizuka Tiger. Later in “Kill Bill”, director Quentin also paid tribute to Bruce Lee with a pair of yellow Onizuka Tiger banana shoes.

Even the hot-blooded manga “Slam Dunk” has the figure of Onitsuka Tiger, which shows the wide range of coverage.

Prince William also often wears it for walks, and it seems that the king and the rich have to bow their heads in the face of the trend.

Everyone only knows that Master Leto is a human Gucci, but they don’t know that he is actually a human ghost tiger.

The most amazing thing is Li Yuchun, wearing Onizuka Tiger, her beautiful legs can no longer be hidden. This time, the editorial office also put on a joint model of Onitsuka Tora and Haruharu.

I used to wear Onitsuka’s blue and red sneakers, and the first time I wore its canvas shoes, I didn’t expect that the upper foot was very comfortable, and the width of the upper would not squeeze the foot at all.

“I’ve recently become obsessed with Billie Eilish and fell in love with her signature loose outfit. This relaxed sense of fashion that does not deliberately pursue curves and proportions at all, and it is too comfortable to match this pair of canvas shoes! ”

Top, pants: Puma

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

Panels of the same color are still relatively rare in canvas shoes, and the bright laces make this pair of shoes catch the eye.

“Since it’s color-block canvas shoes, you might as well play hi again. A color-block T-shirt mix jacket, and a pair of asymmetrical jeans left and right, please pay attention to safety when the tiger comes out. ”

T-shirt: Tomboy

Coat: Tomboy

Headphones: Beats x Sacai


Don’t lose the light of domestic products of big names, buy it!

The retro sports style that has prevailed in recent years has finally come to the turn of our old domestic products. I heard that the return force of dozens of yuan has been sold abroad for about 500 yuan, it is really a good reincarnation of the heavenly way, see who the sky spares.

Really don’t look down on domestic products anymore, you see Wang Jiaer singing “Fendi Man”, wearing no need to squeeze his head to grab, you and I can have the return power is also full of trend.

Danish supermodel sister Caroline Brasch Nielsen mixes and matches Chanel bags, and the Sport Luxe style matched by domestic products is full of charm.

Simply and crudely write the four words of vulcanized rubber sole on the shoe, which is quite fun. Domestic products have also begun to develop towards the trend route.

“Put on the sweet dress that the girl group loves, the little yellow duck waiting to be fed, come and pick me up the duck home~”

Storm suit: PHORM

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Pullback

Cartoon bag: Loewe

After putting it on, you feel like you are stepping on a cloud on the soles of your feet. Domestic products are so comfortable to wear, who has to go to the queue?

“How do you dress yourself as a stylish courier bag? Loose shirt with a tight truncated vest, it is OK to pull out the curve~ sisters, it is now fashionable to put short tops on the outside! ”

Fisherman’s hat: Loewe


Cycling pants: Bershka



This time, the editorial department also excavated a small national tide brand for everyone. It’s cool to hear the name: Lab. The blockbuster model also hit Simpson in the face~ But I never expected that it actually won the heart of the editorial department with a pair of canvas shoes.

The details and craftsmanship are very careful, the workmanship feels not inferior to the big brands, and the foot feeling is also very comfortable. If you can’t grab Converse’s sisters, the niche tide card is also worth having a name~

“Finally put on the layer of yarn on Xinya’s body, this season’s T-shirt can be worn again~ choose the pants with slit cuffs with canvas shoes, and the looming between walks can make others can’t help but look at it twice.”

T-shirt, pants: Nike

Shoes: Bullshit Lab

At the last moment, it was the turn of the SuperELLE double A sister flower to appear together. Put on canvas shoes and love together in circles.

Sweatshirt, shoes: Converse

Sun hat: INXX

T-shirt: YOUPPIE!


Lighter necklace: AMBUSH

In addition to Converse and Vans, there are many niche canvas shoes to choose from, will you still squeeze your head to line up for the lottery?

Written by: Ashley

Photography/post: Ashley/Audrey/Teddy

WeChat editor: Yiran Wang

Image source: Ins/Weibo/Oriental IC/Visual China/Network

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Fashion editor Audrey

Fashion editor Audrey

Fashion editor Audrey

Fashion editor Audrey

Fashion editor Audrey

Sunglasses: D-Antidote

Shoes: Converse

Shoes: Converse

Shoes: Converse

Fashion editor Ashley

Fashion editor Ashley

Fashion editor Ashley

Fashion editor Ashley

Fashion editor Ashley

Bag: Loewe

Shoes: Vans

Shoes: Vans

Shoes: Onitsuka Tiger

Shoes: Pullback

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