Small in size, but extremely effective, can lift a weight of 50 tons? You probably wouldn’t think of it

As the saying goes, “small items play a big role”, this sentence is not false at all, who can believe that a jack that can be held up with one hand can lift a weight of up to 50 tons! Don’t doubt it, it’s proven that this mini hydraulic jack can do it. What kind of jack is so amazing? It is the day


Masada mini hydraulic jack

, it is

A product of the Masada Masada brand of Japan

The advantages are evident in applications where small spaces are lifted

, detailed below:

First, Japan Masada mini hydraulic jack

The height of the body is extremely low, the lowest can reach 60mm, which shows that it is small in size, easy to carry, and indeed a good helper for lifting operations in small spaces

Second, Masada mini hydraulic jack

The maximum can be jacked

With a weight of 50 tons, its body structure is very strong

, the strength of the lifting capacity is obvious;

Third, in addition, this mini jack

It can be used with Ramallah primary gears and can be used laterally in a range of 90 degrees

to carry out micro adjustment and pivot position adjustment.

Masada mini hydraulic jack is definitely the best choice for small gap jacking, don’t look at its small size, but its role cannot be ignored! For more details, you can send a private message to the editor (comment below). Welcome to continue to pay attention to the editor’s regular sharing!

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Masada mini hydraulic jack

Masada mini hydraulic jack

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