Got the launch of the electronic paper book reader: 7.8-inch screen, equipped with 8-core Qualcomm processor

IT House news on November 18 Get App will launch an electronic paper book reading on November 21, with a 7.8-inch screen, equipped with Qualcomm 8-core processor, priced at 1980 yuan.

According to reports, the electronic paper book reader is equipped with an Android 9.0 open system, built-in microphone and speaker. The screen size is 7.8 inches, 300ppi, built-in 17 reading lights, and supports 28 levels of cold and warm dual-color temperature adjustment. In terms of configuration, the reader is equipped with a Qualcomm 8-core processor, with a frequency of 2GHz, 3GB memory, 32GB flash memory, and supports 3 refresh modes, which is officially said to achieve “extremely fast refresh”.

In terms of battery life, the official said that you can use the electronic paper book reader for 2 hours a day, turn on WiFi and reading lights, you can use it continuously for 5-7 days, and the standby time is 30 days. The body thickness of the obtained electronic paper book reader is 0.77cm, and the weight is 242g.

Get the electronic paper book reader will be released on on November 21, interested partners can pay attention to it.

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