To be moistened and wake up a thousand red

I don’t remember which winter night, I watched the play at the Lyceum Theater, and I was the first to push the door out with my head down. The play is not good, the mood is not good. Before he stepped over the threshold, he suddenly felt a coolness, like the metal buttons of his coat touching his neck. Look up, oh, it’s snowing! The snow flakes flew obliquely, illuminated by street lamps and car lights, shining with white and bright light.

I dismissed the idea of calling for a rental and simply walked down the street, letting the salt and snow flakes fall on me. Most of them come by the force of the wind, to mesmerize my sight; Others took advantage of the return wind and turned away to drill the hem of my trench coat. It’s cute, and it’s funny when you turn back. Unfortunately, they all only stopped for a while, immediately dissolved, and after a while I was half wet. When rain turns into snow, it is cute and interesting; When the snow turns into rain, it can be annoying and annoying.

In a few days, it will be the New Year. The winter rain a few days ago has turned my mood into a gloomy and lifeless mood, and I am thinking about writing a poem, the first link is “Don’t wait for the cold wind and don’t wait for the snow, hurriedly urge me to spoil the New Year”, and now this first snow, the next link suddenly don’t think about it. This first snow is not big, that is, it will melt immediately, that is, what Shanghainese call “wet snow”, but nevertheless, it has made this winter in Shanghai truly winter. I thought that a snowless winter would at most only bear the false name of winter, and could not have the true meaning of winter.

After returning home, I skimmed seven absolutes and remade a song of five rules –

The rain is lost today, and the costume is flying. Dancing and blinding, returning to the wind to play into the clothes. Open the chaos overnight, and the square things will be Xuanjie. Wait for the melting day, invite people to explore Wei together.

Writing poetry is like taking a plane, writing, sitting and sitting, and involuntarily soaring into the air. The first two couplings do have real things, like galloping on a runway; The third link is completely unreal, like gliding in the sky. That gliding plane is imagination. And the source of imagination is the snow in the north in the poem – “open the door full of snow”, “Yanshan snowflakes are as big as a seat”, “thousands of trees and pear blossoms” … Liang Shiqiu said that the snow is as heavy as possible, as long as it is not a disaster, no one likes it. He also said that the most lovely thing about snow is that it covers everything, so that everything is no different, and it becomes a white silver world. Although Lu Xun also loves snow, he seems to prefer smaller snow, because it cannot hide red camellia, yellow plum blossoms and even cold green weeds. He also said that the snow in Jiangnan is moisturized and beautiful, like the skin of a very strong virgin.

Although I like heavy snow more than I like light snow, since I am in Jiangnan, I should come to Anzhi, learn from Liang Shiqiu to imagine the benefits of heavy snow, and learn from Lu Xun to appreciate the beauty of light snow. I’m talking about the cleaner the snow, the more elegant it is. I also said that the snow in Jiangnan is extremely delicate and crystalline, like the nails of a very clean woman. Especially as elegant as boiling snow and cooking tea, generations of literati have been happy to do it, and Xiaoxue is the best. How to see it? Lu You has a poem as evidence: “Jianxi official tea is unique in the world, and the fragrance is all about light snow.” Miaoyu made tea for the three of Baochu Dai, not only took out the best teacup, but also used the best water-the snow water on the plum blossoms in the Panxiang Temple. Miaoyu collected a small urn and buried it for five years, until it was opened that summer. Why is that? Zhenjun has a text as evidence: “The taste of snow water is clear and earthy, and it is stored in a clean urn, and it can be drunk after many years.” “Miaoyu reaps it, since it is Xiaoxue, otherwise wouldn’t it be as good as she made fun of Baoyu, better than quenching thirst and drinking donkeys?”

However, I already had light snow, and I was looking forward to heavy snow even more, because the first snow was pleasantly surprising, but it was the overwhelming snow that was satisfying. Only after a heavy snowfall will there be a greener and higher clear sky, and people will know more truly that spring is not far away. Liang Shiqiu said that heavy snow not only covers all filth and cleanses the world, but also serves as a natural irrigation to serve as a guarantee for farming. What I am saying is that in addition to “both staining and being full, giving birth to me a hundred grains”, heavy snow will also awaken thousands of purples and reds to redress this world where material and spiritual coexist.

Unexpectedly, two days later, Shanghai ushered in the second snow of this winter. This snow fell extremely long, from the afternoon to the evening, without end. The roof of the car on the street was white, the roof on the opposite side was white, and even the top of the slender telephone pole was white. I dismissed the idea of staying at home and happily walked down the street, letting the naughty children’s snowballs be thrown at me by mistake. I have dreamed many times of beautiful silver snakes and majestic wax elephants, and when I woke up, I knew that since there were no mountains here, the silver snake could come to dance; Since there is no origin here, the wax elephant naturally refuses to come. It doesn’t matter though. As soon as this heavy snowfall, tomorrow there will be a world covered in silver, and as long as this world comes, there will be a very enchanting world. At that time, it is not only necessary to “invite people to explore Wei together”, but also to look at a world of thousands of purples and thousands of reds.

I look forward to it. I look forward to it in my dream tonight.

Oh, it’s snowing, it’s a little bit of ice. Salt throwing and scattering, the most remembered Xie family joint sentence. Even though it is a wonderful metaphor, it is not the same, and the body is dancing. Zhou Xuan’s pulse is still in love, and there is no evidence.

Move, from what it is. I hope that this night is pure, and Yuehua should be jealous. Rejoice in the game and pretend to be a wine fairy. It is better than the good rain in early spring, when you are unwilling and return with the wind. In order to awaken Qianhong, the World Sect takes it seriously. (Transfer to “Double Double Yan”)

Hu Xiaojun)

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