BV’s new bag costs 15,000 yuan, and netizens exclaimed: Isn’t this a?

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Italian luxury brands have launched new models that are too similar to black plastic bags containing, which has sparked ridicule among Chinese netizens.

In the first half of this year, the luxury industry is not good, but no matter how bad it is, new products will still be launched, after all, the Chinese market rebounds strongly, China is the main battlefield of many luxury goods in the second half of the year, the design is close to the life of Chinese people, may trigger a wave of enthusiasm.

In recent years, the luxury “Chinese style” is also one of the design elements of major brands, a few years ago LV woven bags once launched, it caused Chinese netizens to ridicule, netizens took the market to buy five yuan a woven bag, learn the catwalk model concave shape, with “LV the same style, you deserve to have” words.

Armani and Estée Lauder launch limited-edition powders and blush around the Chinese zodiac every year, although foreign designers have some deviations in their understanding of Chinese beauty, and netizens have complained that these zodiac signs are too ugly, but this cannot stop Armani powder from selling very hot.

Of course, there is also Chanel’s fashion, and Chanel has also released a sweater similar to “grandma knitting”, making Chinese netizens exclaim, “It turns out that my grandmother who knows fashion the most back then.”

However, these designs are really all around Chinese elements, and the effect may be unsatisfactory, not brilliant, but not enough to make people sigh at a glance: too ugly.

I don’t know if foreign dogs walking will carry black plastic bags in their hands, and when domestic netizens walk their dogs, black plastic bags are indispensable. When BV launched this new handbag, netizens boiled, as a dog owner, when the editor saw BV this handbag, exclaimed: Isn’t this the black plastic bag I put in!

Of course, this is not cheap, the price of 2200 US dollars (RMB 15406), can be called the most expensive “” in history, its same plastic bag, two hundred only sold for 14 yuan, equivalent to only 7 cents.

When netizens saw the new BV model, they did not miss the opportunity to complain: “At first glance, it is a black garbage bag, which contains the soup to be thrown out after eating the hot pot”, “The material and craftsmanship of this bag are absolutely top-notch, fashionable and avant-garde, if it is accompanied by a variety of classified garbage for internal decoration, in order to highlight its low-key luxury and unassuming true connotation”, some netizens are very direct: “Isn’t this a garbage bag?” “

Perhaps because of the different environment and culture at home and abroad, Italian people may not use black plastic bags when walking their dogs, nor will they use this black plastic bag to pack scraps and garbage, so the designer did not avoid this pit. Perhaps the designer of BV is ingenious, and wants to create a new luxury visual sense in this down-to-earth way, in short, netizens’ evaluation of BV’s new model is three words: ugly.

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