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The baby who often lives in the hotel will often find that in the bed of the hotel, first reflecting the horizontal strip of the bed, I want everyone to know this thing! Or let you know today, let’s tell everyone today!

Everyone knows that the hotel’s bedding is based on white. I want everyone to feel it. It is also to let the guest feel refreshed, clean, but it is based on white. In the traditional sense, only hospital will be Pure white, this makes people feel a little cautious, so, this time, the role of the strip is displayed, the color of the strip cloth is generally colored, it is decorated on white bedding, no violation Sense, also sweeping the monotonic color brought by the sensory, playing the role of decoration.


When we arrived at the hotel, many people were lying in bed, but at this time, we didn’t take off the shoes. In order to avoid stains on the shoes to bed, this time, the horizontal bar can effectively block the block. The role, although it is not very big, but it can’t say no effect.

There is also usually, after we take a shower, look at TV, eat some snacks, it is very comfortable, but in the hotel, it is slightly inadvertent, falling down on white bedding, it will leave imprints, horizontal cloth You can let some babies who eat snacks, put their snacks on the upper side, and don’t drop snacks, leave stains, which also shows the role of the horizontal cloth, but it is very reasonable!


Of course, everyone knows that when they sleep, the quilt is more likely to slip, and this horizontal strip is also effective to prevent everyone. At night, it will play a cold role because of the quilt slip, of course, some hotel quilt is relatively thin, horizontal The cloth also acts as a pressure angle.

In general, the horizontal brackets on the hotel bed are probably so much. It is definitely not the mistakes in some friends. If you know other purposes, you can comment.

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