It’s time to sacrifice my faith in topping up my Mizuno running shoes

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Today, I received Mizuno Mizuno Wave Rider 18 men’s sub-top cushioning running shoes and black label Blazing Angel NURTEX LIPO-6 concentrated fat reduction capsules, seeing the different styles of Mizuno running shoes on the shoe rack and various fat reduction pills on the table, I felt that I should write about the wonderful failures left by myself in the indiscriminate spending of money…

For the record, this is a very negative energy unboxing and experience sermon, if someone naively thinks that you can lose weight by buying these things like me, you will definitely be disappointed.

Briefly talk about the personal physical condition, my male, height 184cm, high school has not increased or decreased significantly, but the weight is erratic: from 76Kg in school to 86Kg at graduation to 92.5Kg at the age of 30 now, it seems to be a shame that cannot be seen directly, because none of these increments are muscle, pure and pure are all fat, so whenever someone asks me how I am doing, I will sacrifice four words: fat like two. It’s not alarmist, as a quasi-middle-aged man, I can’t find the slightest shadow of the year at all, whether from the perspective of body shape or facial features, because obesity is completely out of shape… So that there is no big thing to never go out, because it is really ugly to cry. All kinds of sadness are not on the table, after all, it is caused by their own lack of exercise, and they deserve it.


Without further ado, let’s talk about the unboxing of the Wave Rider 18. Why talk about shoes first, after all, this is a piece that has been used for a long time and has obvious feelings.

First of all, we will sacrifice the items of the Mizuno family that have already been acquired.

They are, respectively

Wave Impetus

Wave Rider 18 Osaka Marathon limited

Wave Prophecy 3

, and the W just received today

ave Rider 18

The first to enter Wave Impetus is purely extra, because he rarely runs, and does not care about various professional semi-professional equipment such as running shoes and compression pants. If it weren’t for the lack of shoes + JD just happened to have an event, I wouldn’t have entered this pit. At that time, the listing price of Goudong was 299, and after 500, it was reduced by 100, so he made up a bill with female friends, and each person paid 244 yuan to each into a pair of Impetus.

After getting on the foot, I found that this sole was really hard for his mother! Walking on the wooden floor, people who don’t know the truth may think that I am wearing high heels… However, after staring at the sole of the shoe, looking left and right, touching it, I found that there was no indestructible padding in the heel to the bottom of the shoe, but when the shoe walked, it was like adding a heel not only from the feeling of my foot but also from the feeling of passers-by… The shoes lasted for more than a year, until after my Wave Rider 18 was scrapped, and I turned the mpetus out and wore it as a commuter shoe.

It is said that this shoe is super wear-resistant, so that the earliest wear is actually the mesh weave of the upper (to be precise, the seam should be open, and you can still survive to continue serving).


The second pair of Mizuno items is also purchased from the official flagship store of MIZUNO in Inuto, the Osaka Marathon Limited Edition Wave Rider 18, the most comfortable pair of all the shoes I have worn so far! So I ravaged it in all kinds of unconscionable ways, leading to its honorable retirement this year.

Let’s first take a look at what black technology this pair of shoes has↓↓↓

Since entering this pair of shoes that feel like, I have completely fallen in love with Mizuno, and I didn’t expect that sneakers could have such a good foot feel (mainly because I was poor, did not wear good shoes, sat in the well and watched the sky, thinking that having Wave Rider was equivalent to owning the world). However, Capricorns are so stubborn, in addition to sleeping without shoes and wearing slippers at home, the rest of the time their feet are contracted by this pair of R17, and the weight of more than 180 pounds also dares to wear this shoe to run Color Run and climb Xiangshan.

It is not easy for a pair of shoes to be tortured by me like this, especially the thumb toes and big bones, the left and right are broken in the same position, and they are quite symmetrical…

Once in Mizuno’s pit, it is difficult to get out, especially when you have the need to lose weight. Looking at his large weight, he entered the prophecy 3 in March of 15.

Mizuno Mizuno Men’s Running Shoes WAVE PROPHECY 3 J1GR140000-275 Dark Red/Black…

Central Asia was 979 at that time, there was a thousand and eight folds of activity, and the hand shook into this red color…

When I first put it on, I almost wanted to return it because it felt hard and smelled like a high-priced version of Impetus… I began to wonder if I shouldn’t have bought it. But when I went to the gym once, I started to like the shoes a little bit. Because it’s a running shoe made for the fat! I actually put the wrong head on the wrong tendon and tried it at home, it was too naive…

When heavy people run, their back palms hit the ground first to feel the magic of this shoe. Although this pair of shoes is absolutely ugly and crying in terms of color matching and styling, from a health point of view, cushioning is what we fat people need the most.

The flagship product is a collection of various black technologies, and it is very durable. I have been wearing it for more than a year, and I have not seen obvious wear and tear when I go to the gym. But this thing is not suitable for daily wear, I still miss the feeling of stepping on! So last week I scoured a pair of R18s, which were just delivered today.

You read that right, it’s just the unboxing text…

Pick up the goods from the general agent of Taiwan Mizuno, and SF Express will send them directly to me across the sea. From a political point of view, the bay is an inalienable part of our sacred territory; From an economic point of view, the customs collected me 76 yuan in tariffs… Let’s count this shopping as overseas shopping for the time being, after all, whether it is Goudong or Tianmeow, they count this kind of cross-border global purchase…

The real body of the Liangxiao R18 is presented below

MIZUNO Mens WAVE RIDER 18 Running Shoes J1GC150310

Material:Mesh/Artificial leather/Rubber


Two hang tags, one eight-Chinese word maintenance instructions.

Although the total generation of Wanwan, the origin is still my Great Celestial Empire.

The R19 also has an approximate color of this one, but the big logo of the Mizuno on the upper is no longer black, but silver.


What does that string of numbers mean? Part number?

Also X10 big bottom

The color may be a little bright, but the victory is outstanding in the sense of, and the price is attractive (the last pair of 42.5 yards, 429 also free shipping, from Wanwan SF to the imperial capital!). )。 What is even more touching is that after the store learned that I was taxed 76 yuan, he asked me to take a picture of the tax bill and send it to him, and then a 76 yuan receipt appeared on my Alipay… Moved by China Youmu You?!

In general, the price is right, the foot feel is still the same, the familiar recipe, the familiar taste. Lao Tzu finally has commuter shoes to wear! Don’t ask me why I didn’t buy R19, isn’t it because I don’t have the money…

Wishful thinking that taking medicine can lose weight

Finally, I will talk about my more naive behavior and buy fat reduction drugs ↓↓↓

Muscletech’s L-carnitine, Ubervita’s W700 fat-burning capsules, and the Blazing Angel who just arrived today have been added to Meiya, and the rightmost bottle of melatonin is used to help sleep. W700 with meals, in addition to being relatively thirsty, there has not been a situation of energy and sleeplessness; As for left-handedness, complete wood is useful; Black Label Blazing Angel, I’ll take one pill after writing this and run to the gym to measure it. (Of course, it is impossible to have the effect of losing one pound immediately, I just see if the body will have discomfort, and whether the exercise limit will rise compared to before)

Well, it’s probably sauce purple. Shoes talk a lot, fitness talks a lot. Because I’ve only lost 5 pounds so far… There is no face, and efforts are needed.

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