If you want to be a treasure girl like Yu Shuxin, you must first have the same jewel clothes

Not long after Fashion Week, fashionista Kylie came to business wearing the Givenchy 2021 collection and posted on INS to express her love for Matthew M. Williams collection, with a silhouette jacket and a rhinestone tulle slip dress, cool and sophisticated.

Sister Ba found that this rhinestone gemstone item series is really popular recently, many people are wearing it, sister Kendall interpreted another gemstone tulle long dress, and the bandeau is layered with lust and fairy, and also equipped with a pair of rhinestone gemstone gloves, is a gorgeous fairy hammer!

Fashion blogger Caroline Daur copied the “same color wear” formula, a beautiful rhinestone gemstone dress with a special color coat, which is a choice that you can never go wrong with, and the elegant temperament will overflow from the screen!

It’s not just the Givenchy family who embellished their clothes with rhinestone gemstones! A while ago, Jennie put on a LOEWE gemstone sweater, and there was a strong wind, a few embellishments, and it instantly made the sweater say goodbye to plain.

Many people went to ask for the same style, so Ba Jie also went to the Internet to rummage and found that LOEWE applied rhinestone gemstone elements to clothing this year, and the large feathers were shaped like shawls on the shoulders, cuffs and hems of yellow twist-patterned sweaters.

The other light purple one is also super gentle, also decorated with gemstones on the shoulders and cuffs, the difference is that the hem is plain and soft, and there is no need to worry about the problem of too heavy decoration of the top, anyway, no matter which style can satisfy everyone’s heart.

This wind of rhinestone gemstones, the fashionable girl Zhou Yutong does not miss it, wearing a CHANEL gemstone coat, the ultra-classic “double C” is made into a sparkling gemstone, with fine geometric gemstones scattered in every corner of the entire dress, the word elegance repeats!

Don’t think that the exaggerated gemstone style is the love of mothers, in fact, these clothes made of gemstone elements are also popular with young people, wearing a diamond-encrusted gemstone top looks more delicate, no matter what style you are, you can find one that suits you!

Sweet and energetic Miu Miu

Hit every girl’s heart

How much jewel wind is it? Just take a look at Miu Miu’s upcoming spring/summer collection, this time Miu Miu can be described as playing with luxurious rhinestone gemstones to the extreme! Whether it’s a vest, a long skirt or a coat, the rhinestone gemstone design is used extensively, so that Miu fans are ready to spend a shiny season.

One of the most attractive is this rhinestone gemstone decorated blazer, rhinestone gemstone elements neutralize the street feel of the blazer, but the collision of different styles plays a wonderful chemical reaction, which is also special enough!

There are also long coats with rhinestone elements added to the neckline, and the details can reflect the uniqueness of the season.

Don’t worry about it until next spring, in fact, Miu Miu, who has been carrying forward the rhinestone gemstone element, and there are many BlingBling clothes that can be chopped immediately, such as Miu Miu’s slip dress launched in the spring/summer 2020 collection, which is eye-catching, applying gemstone decoration to the shoulder straps and chest, and the childlike skirt with broken diamonds, gemstones and rice beads collide, with a bit of playful cuteness.

The long dresses embellished with sparkling diamonds and sets embellished with diamonds launched in the early fall 2020 collection are also very expressive, recreating the retro wave.

Breaking people’s stereotype of “lazy elegance”, the large pockets and the short belt behind the body are the highlights of this dress, taking into account both casual and gorgeous, the white long skirt of the autumn and winter collection, the style of the whole body wrapped in rhinestone gemstones is simply not too beautiful!

Of course, Miu Miu won’t give up on getting ready for the cold, the cardigan in two colors is warm enough, the rhinestone gemstones like rain falling on the shoulder are gorgeous enough, and the panels of leather and knitted fabric are really cool!

Miu Miu

Wool cardigan

Price: ¥27,800


Price: ¥43,300

Embroidered embellished stretch-tulle skirt

Price: ¥ 21,700

Compound Cuban Rock Christopher Kane

Truly overly expensive

Christopher Kane, who has been using broken diamonds as a clothing decoration since last year, has also put “shiny crystal” in the collection this year.

Luxurious baroque gemstones instead of button decorations, combined with a smart and tough leather coat to produce an unexpected chemical reaction, more eye-catching red gemstone decorations than glossy leather, arranged vertically, is definitely a queen’s style!

Or decorate a cool T-shirt neckline with gorgeous white rhinestone gemstones, like wearing a chain Choker directly, for people who are usually too lazy to match, I can’t help but want to get one!

Cool and noble, modern and gorgeous is even more accessible, if you want to be elegant, there are also low-cut skirts connected by jewels!

It is worth mentioning that the chest seal accessories launched by its home are also very playful, dark gemstones as a connection of blue flowing liquid decoration to decorate the entire white coat, and the silicone design injected with it makes the sense of fashion and function coexist, full of fun!

Christopher Kane

knitted brushed bouclé sweater

Price: ¥6,930

flower cupchain sweatshirt

Price: ¥3,132

slash sleeve cashmere sweater

Price: ¥4,715

Luxury and nobility AREA

A must-have for Party Queen

Speaking of BlingBling, AREA from New York is also worth knowing, has always been good at incorporating a variety of shiny ✨ elements into clothing, for Party Queen, owning an AREA is definitely a mandatory course at the moment!

In addition to this large-grained gemstone decoration, it also has brilliant diamond settings, creating a high-class atmosphere and interpreting a sultry style.

For example, this rhinestone corset that appeared in the Fall/Winter 2020 collection has its typical style – gorgeous with a touch of modernity, colorful gemstones make up a butterfly-shaped corset, which is definitely not too much to describe as ambitious! Lisa used it in the MV for her new song “Lovesick Girls” to add a lot of points to her look!

Previously, Shin Xinzi also picked up a rhinestone-trimmed slip dress, the lustrous filigree fabric shimmered even more under the embellishment of gemstones, but also with a touch of sexiness, wearing it you can definitely become the focus of the party!

It has a few dresses that are definitely the highlight of the show, and the triangle vest can be as exquisite as the work of art! The woven gemstone vest is sparkling enough, while long irregular gemstone tassels fill the visual effect and make it flowing.

Famous Brazilian actor Bruna Marquezine also wore it to the annual movie awards held by MTV, and as an award jersey, she definitely didn’t lose!

Actor Marta Pozzan’s This one is similar, have you ever seen a beautiful jewel fishing net? The cutout design reduces the volume of the garment, neutralizes the gorgeous character of the gemstone, and is very flexible, which is cool and sassy with All Black.

Gemstones are also a great touch, the combination of cord and gemstones is very textured, and the soaring shoulder pads are enough for the unconventional fashionistas!


Crystalline studded mini dress

Reference price: ¥7,464

Short jacket with studded scalloped hems

Reference price: ¥10,154



Printed checked skirt

Reference price: ¥5,490

The cold season of autumn and winter really breaks the hearts of the little sisters who love beauty, both to protect themselves from the cold and to be beautiful, but no matter how cold the weather is, it can’t hurt the sisters’ love of beauty! More frozen not bad twinkle gem decoration! In the season of the left and right floors, wear BlingBling’s “jewel suit” and enjoy the whole winter together!

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Miu Miu

Miu Miu

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane



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