Evaluation of 40 elderly shoes: A men’s leather shoe can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes exceeding the standard by 8.8 times

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Footwear products are one of the necessities of life, with the improvement of social living standards and the development of the footwear market, China’s footwear industry gradually from extensive gradually to refined, differentiated development, of which “elderly shoes” and “children’s shoes” is in the current consumption environment has become one of the development directions of the footwear industry.

In recent years, people’s living standards have been continuously improved, the willingness of the elderly to improve the quality of life and protect their own life safety is strengthening, and products for the elderly continue to emerge in the market, among which “elderly shoes” are products that have attracted more attention. In particular, the star advertising and marketing promotion of the multi-functional concept of “elderly shoes” has further strengthened the market heat of elderly shoes. In addition, the quality of children’s shoes has a very important role in children’s growth, not only affecting wearing comfort, but also may affect children’s growth and development, so the quality and safety of children’s shoes is more and more concerned by parents.

In this regard, on January 27, the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Council, Foshan Municipal Consumer Council and Macao Consumer Council jointly released the “Comparative Test Report of Shoes for the Elderly and Children’s Shoes”, which showed that TRUMPPIPE men’s business casual leather shoes can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes exceeding the standard by 8.8 times.

40 senior shoes and 36 children’s shoes were evaluated

In this test, in the selection of products and test items, the products with high sales on the market and more concerned by consumers – elderly shoes and children’s shoes were selected as the objects of comparative testing, and the safety performance and use performance of consumers’ more doubtful, controversial and topical were selected as the main test items.

In the selection of test samples, the selection of elderly shoes and children’s shoes comprehensively considered factors such as brand market share and sales, offline and online brand distribution, and product price distribution. The purchase samples of this comparative experiment involved 40 elderly shoes products of 40 brands and 36 children’s shoes products of 33 brands, with the purchase unit price of elderly shoes samples ranging from 79 yuan to 399 yuan, and the purchase unit price of children’s shoes samples ranging from 55 yuan to 814.2 yuan.

Zhang Kaishi, deputy director of the Guangzhou Consumer Council, told reporters that in terms of the breadth and depth of comparison, in addition to testing conventional flexural resistance, wear resistance, anti-slip performance, etc., it also refers to advanced test methods at home and abroad to test volatile organic compounds, moisture absorption and permeability, and other items that are not stipulated in the current national industry product standards for the time being, but consumers are more concerned.

A men’s leather shoe can cause carcinogenic aromatic amine dye to exceed the standard by 8.8 times

Chemical safety test results showed that 40 samples passed the formaldehyde content, hexavalent chromium in leather and fur, total heavy metals/extractable heavy metals, chlorophenols, N-nitrosamine in rubber parts, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon items. Among them, the measured value of the decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dye “benzidine” of the finished lining (fabric) of the sample of “TRUMPPIPE men’s business casual leather shoes” was 196mg/kg, which exceeded the standard limit requirement (the limit value was ≤20mg/kg), and the standard was 8.8 times. The nominal manufacturer of this leather shoe is Qingdao Steadfast Trading Co., Ltd.

It is reported that decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes refer to dyes synthesized from carcinogenic aromatic amines, that is, people often say “banned azo dyes”. Such banned azo dyes will decompose to produce carcinogenic aromatic amines under special conditions, which change the DNA structure of the human body through activation, causing lesions and cancer, and endangering human health.

At the same time, 8 samples failed the phthalate project test, among which the nominal Zhejiang Lemai Technology Development Co., Ltd. produced silk silk sesoFo women’s shoes, the highest phthalate detection value, reaching 30.3%, exceeding the limit value by ≤0.1%, the plasticizer of the women’s shoes exceeded the standard by 302 times.

In addition, the performance test results showed that 8 samples failed the flexure resistance/flexure performance test, and the main problem was that the wearing process was easy to break the glue, among which brands such as Fugui Bird, RED DRAGONFLY Red Dragonfly, and Paul Camel were on the list.

Tinker Bell and Bumblebee were detected to exceed the standard of phthalates

It’s the New Year, and many parents will buy new shoes for their children. The samples selected for this comparative trial involved 36 children’s footwear products from 33 brands, which were randomly selected by the staff of the Consumer Council in Guangzhou and Macao at shopping malls and major e-commerce platforms in Guangzhou, Macao and Macao.

The test results showed that 4 of the 36 samples of children’s shoes failed the phthalate test. Involving brands such as Tinker Bell and Bumblebee.

Phthalates are a collective term for esters in the form of phthalates. Cen Liangying, an engineer at Guangzhou Inspection Testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd., said that o-benzene is commonly referred to as a plasticizer, “If its content exceeds the standard, it will be harmful to the human body, and long-term exposure will lead to genital malformations.” ”

In addition, there are 3 samples of children’s shoes that fail to lining and inner pad rubbing Color Fastness, poor Color Fastness textile or leather products, during use, the dye is easy to fall off and fade, affecting the aesthetics, and the shed dye molecules or heavy metal ions may be absorbed by the body through the skin and endanger health. 3 samples, including ZARA’s boys’ shoes and BOBDOG’s breathable netchildren’s shoes, failed this test.

Reminder: Do not buy if you have a noticeable pungent odor

Experts said that the quality of children’s shoes has a very important role in the growth of children, because children’s feet are very delicate, is in the bone development period, once children’s shoes contain harmful substances, or sole hardness, wear resistance and other physical and chemical methods are unqualified, not only affect wearing comfort, but also may affect children’s growth and development.

Which children’s shoes performed well this time? The test results showed that the top 10 children’s shoes were NIKE Junior Shoes, Huili WZ(JS)-0012 Children’s Shoes, Dr.Kong Children’s Sneakers, Humanistic Children’s Travel Shoes, Harbi Bear Children’s Shoes, Barbie Children’s Travel Shoes, ABC KIDS Children’s Casual Shoes, Double Star Celebrity Children’s Travel Shoes-212, Dr.Kong Sneakers, and Qibao Hui Men’s/Women’s Chao Fan Breathable Net Shoes.

“Consumers should buy according to the brand, word of mouth and actual condition of the product.” Zhang Kaishi, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Consumer Commission, reminded consumers that when choosing shoes for the elderly or children’s shoes, they should first look at the packaging bag and the sole material of the upper, and try to choose products with complete identification. “Touch the shoe cavity with your hands, the heel and front cover should not be too soft, there should be a certain hardness, too soft shoes can not provide effective support for the feet, easy to cause foot sprains; Too hard will affect the wearing comfort, walking is easy to fatigue. Smell the shoes for odor, if there is a significant pungent smell, do not buy. ”

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