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In the face of increasingly fierce modern social enterprises, expanding the visibility of the enterprise, so that the products have competitive advantages, effective ways is advertising! Advertising umbrellas are in the form of a modern and common advertising carrier, which not only has high liquidity, bright color and good visual effects, but also the pattern design can be unrestricted, the structure can also choose, and very good, high quality All kinds of advantages have become an important form of enterprise advertising, and advertising umbrellas have other forms of advertising uncomfortable advantages.

南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

Whether it is sunny or rainy days, walk in the street alley

It is a free advertising propagandist that flows independently.

The advertising umbrella covers the area where other advertising can’t arrive, and advertisements do not have blind spots. The user walks the streets of the street every day, where is the advertisement to do. As long as you spend a small amount of fees, there will be thousands of people and even tens of thousands of people playing your banner or brand logo. It is spread all over the corner, and each umbrella can affect 500-1000 people, and the advertising effect is not an estimated.

Enterprises send advertising umbrellas, while helping themselves make ads

南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

Let customers feel a corporate care

南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

Make corporate image and reputation

Enterprise gifts, can be called a special advertisement of mobile propaganda, whether it is brand publicity, or a corporate image, is one of the direct advertising methods. In the customization of corporate business gifts, suitable gifts can express their minds, but also allow the other party to accept corporate brands, reaching the purpose of promoting branding.

Nancha Chaotic custom, exclusive, your own business gift.


南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

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南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

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南充礼品定制 | 雨伞定制logo,广告伞南充批发

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