Test drive BMW X2 Night Edition: The sisters’ artifact straight men do not understand

Model: 2021 sDrive25i Night Edition

Price: 303,800 yuan

Competing models: Lexus UX, Volvo XC40

Buyable Index: 70%

The X2 has an aesthetic that is difficult for straight men to understand, and as a product of the UKL front-wheel drive platform, many loyal Bimmer also scoffed, but…

In fact, X2 such as 200,000-300,000 yuan luxury brand SUV is not large in size (except for BMW X1, Audi


This kind of extended model), and the configuration is generally not high, but it has always been a candidate for the purchase of a car for consumer groups who pursue quality of life.

And there are many “emotional consumers” in this part of the consumer group, such as the post-90s female friend next to her, she feels that the X2 “very personal” design is good-looking, and included in the shortlist of car purchases, it is this “not marginal” design – low shape, inverted trapezoidal kidney grille, blue sky and white cloud logo on the C-pillar, in the case of a domestic extended BMW X1 on the street, an X2 can indeed bring a completely different style.

Even in 2021, the design of the X2 is still unique enough to be unique enough. For this reason, BMW also added two new models in July, the Night Edition and the Sharp Edition, and added 6 different colors, upgrading the wheel configuration to 19 inches. In addition to the most conventional exterior “blackened” trim of the Night Edition, the exclusive X2 latte is also a selling point of these two new models. Of course, from the point of view, the color matching of this set of X2 pulleds is still very exquisite, and it will not play with different colors of car paint, which is not at all like the style of changing the auto parts city sticker in the later stage.

If the appearance gives me the biggest feeling of this straight male aesthetic, it is that the places that can be taken by the car in the past do not seem to be very suitable, X2 such a trendy personality to find an atmospheric building or open space is not good to film, can not show the X2 temperament well, but like roadside bars and cafes, trendy play shops and sports parks and other places, X2 “put” in it will not seem obtrusive, because these are more like X2 consumer groups will go to spend time on weekends.

Personally, after the launch of the X2 Night Edition, there is not much room left for improvement and improvement in the appearance of this generation of models, after all, the UKL platform has been in service for 5 years. In terms of interior, the X2 Night Edition is still the previous generation BMW style we are familiar with, and it seems to be a little tired in 2021, which is nothing more than adding a certain freshness through changes in color matching and trim materials. If the new generation of 3 series has made a new start for BMW, which was once not associated with “luxury texture”, then X2 is still constantly reminding you that BMW still has several models in the product line that have not completed the real sense of replacement.

In fact, through the 2 Series Coupe, we can imagine what the next generation of X2 will look like in the interior, and the front-wheel drive BMW model of the new generation of FAAR platform will be very obvious in terms of interior texture, but do not forget the good of the previous generation of BMW models. The most obvious is the white backlit pointer mechanical instrument, unlike the full LCD instrument full of various cool interface designs, for straight men prefer this mechanical instrument design. Similarly, there is the F era “thong” steering wheel, from the grip feeling and other aspects, is a near-perfect generation BMW M steering wheel, if there is anything to regret, it is the missing paddle shifter.

From the perspective of multimedia systems, the 10.25-inch iDrive6 system has also lagged behind in functionality, especially in today’s intelligent interconnection function, iDrive6 will pull people to the era of 3 years ago, fortunately, wireless CarPlay such functions can still bring a sense of technology and modernity, but at this time you may raise another problem – the absence of the mobile phone wireless charging panel.

Of course, the interior of the X2 Night Edition also has many highlights, such as this classic Harman Kardon sound system, the sound quality presented by 12 speakers is still good, and it can also give a “luxury experience” in 2021. In addition, the integrated sports seat is also a feature of the X2, with two sets of seat memory functions, and the wrapping and thigh support performance is also first-class, even without lumbar support adjustment, this set of seats did not make me feel any discomfort during the 3-hour test drive.

In addition to the “front drive” that makes the Bimmer “dislike”, there are some hardware differences that will make straight men “look for trouble” – sDrive models that are not equipped with xDrive’s timely all-wheel drive system use a 7-speed DCT wet dual-clutch transmission instead of an 8AT. But in fact, in terms of dual-clutch transmission, the X2 is also in line with the latest FAAR platform 2 Series coupe.

Judging from the performance of this 7DCT gearbox, except for the inherent setback of dual-clutch when switching back and forth between 1-2 gears at low speeds in urban areas (which is already very subtle), you will not have any complaints about this gearbox for most of the rest of the time. In Sport mode, the gear reaction is more positive, there is no lag, and the gear shift action is crisp and clean.

At the time of the mid-19 facelift, the X2 was equipped with a 2.0T B48 engine as standard, and the technical equipment was also familiar, with twin-scroll single turbo, Valvetronic electronic valve technology and so on. In a day’s test drive, you won’t find anything wrong with the output of this 141 kW (192 Ps) and 280Nm, the throttle response is very heel, the output of medium power will not be too raw in the power reserve (but the acceleration performance in the rear section is not surging enough), and the overall power feeling is relatively linear and easy to open, definitely not the performance of the steel gun that sacrifices the smoothness of daily driving.

In terms of the dynamic performance of the chassis, this front-wheel drive X2 also has a unique feeling different from competing models, the front and rear axles follow well, and the sensitive dynamic response is not like a crossover SUV, but more like a flexible hatchback. The suspension has a thick damping feel, the whole car has good support in the corners, the roll is very small, if it were not for the steering feel that almost did not provide road surface information, you might feel that you are driving a “hatchback 1 Series sedan”.

In terms of dynamic feelings, the front-wheel drive X2 is still a BMW that sticks to “driving”, which can be said to be sporty but not passionate.

Driver’s Summary:

The launch of the X2 Night Edition and the Sharp Edition is more like announcing the end of this generation of X2 series, even if there are no changes in hardware and dynamics, but the more personalized decoration and color scheme also make this generation of X2 exude residual heat, even if straight men may never understand why X2 can be highly recognized by “sensual consumers”.

In my opinion, the product competitiveness of the X2 itself is not bad, and the aesthetic orientation of the driving type positioning and design is also quite good as a front-wheel drive crossover SUV. And X2 is niche enough in luxury brand SUVs to highlight the attitude of X2 consumers to life, just like girls now love to check in Internet celebrity stores, aren’t they just to take a photo and send a circle of friends to make their lives look more beautiful?

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