A water purifier evaluation that solves the pain points of the industry

Throw a question. At present, when users choose products, how much will they value price, and who can give the answer? We can. For price sensitivity, we can think that consumers are not willing to spend money because of inequality with corporate information, we will find that fewer and fewer people will mention the word “cost performance”, consumers pay more attention to product experience when purchasing products and gradually abandon price orientation, which is also a major feature of the era of consumption upgrading.

Returning to the above list of questions, pay more attention to price. For example, the price is 0 and the quality and experience are 1, if there is no 1 as a guarantee, then no matter how much 0 is ultimately 0, I want to buy a product that I am not satisfied with at all, spending 1 cent is a waste for consumers.

Water purification business bosses, you should all do this well

The emergence of consumer characteristics has sounded the alarm for our enterprises, and the significance of price war is far less than that of quality war, and we have led the topic to the field of water purifiers. The water purifier market is still maintaining rapid development, but the growth tends to be flat, and the growth of the total number of products slows down, and the unit price of customers has indeed risen significantly. Water purification products are different from others in that they are associated with health, which is also the purpose of consumers choosing water purification products. Therefore, water purifiers can be seen as consumers investing in health, so what should the water purifier company bosses do?

In fact, water purification technology has been developed for many years, and the current mature technology can provide consumers with healthy drinking water guarantees, but it is also during this period that the pain points of the water purifier itself have also been exposed: large wastewater ratio, slow water production, secondary pollution, opaque specifications, and exaggerated publicity… Technical passing is only a prerequisite, I think business bosses should focus on the rational use of technology, to solve the general pain points of such products one by one, in order to be responsible for consumers.

The protagonist of today’s review is here to solve the pain point

When it comes to great products, our reviews never fall behind. Today we will also conduct a comprehensive experience evaluation of the Angel A6 Pro water purifier, and the highlight of what attracts us is that it can abandon the common pain points of other water purifier products on the market. Regarding Angel, some users know about its share in the water cooler market, but what you may need to know more is that it has been conducting 25 years of painstaking research on drinking water health, and it is not excessive to describe it with the words “diligent research”.

This Angel A6 Pro, which has been officially released in August 2017, can it become a clear stream in the current water purifier market, we will use this review to find out for you. To be honest, before the review, we still have expectations for Angel’s water purification products, after all, there are really a lot of things in the water industry that have grown to today’s giants, and we can get a glimpse of them through the products.

Meet the protagonist of today’s review, the Angel A6 Pro

Let’s first recognize it from the appearance. In fact, as an under-kitchen water purification equipment, many companies do not have such strict control over the design of products, and “independent research and development” has become particularly valuable in the field of purifiers. Angel, on the other hand, uses technology to precipitate and makes a model for us with a company with strong technical heritage through its products.

The first impression of contact: the amount is full, you can clearly feel that the whole machine is very weighty before the water is passed, so that there will be no excessive vibration when working under the kitchen; In addition, it can also be shown that Angel has worked hard in the material used in the filter element and its own materials, after all, it is oriented to the high-end market. The barrelless design reduces the volume of the whole machine by 1/3 compared with other models on the market, which is undoubtedly very friendly to users, and many users have reported that it will be difficult to install water purifiers due to insufficient space under the kitchen.

If users who have used similar products, probably have the experience of installing and rinsing the filter element, and in our unpacking to testing, experienced another convenience, the whole machine does not need to be installed separately, just connect the water source, power supply, no need to rinse and use directly, for the control of product quality and the understanding of consumers, Angel has done a good job.

The streamlined design of the whole machine is very pleasing to users, and it is in line with the current popular minimalist design. The message you want to convey to the user can be easily found on the front of the product. Consumers can learn from here that the reverse osmosis filter element is imported from the United States, it has a complete service system, and the highest precision RO principle is used for purification and so on.

The reset and rinse buttons on the side facilitate the maintenance of the whole machine. At the same time, the LED indicator in front of the side can communicate with the user in real time about the use and consumption of the filter element.

The back is equally simple, and here we can find the interface we need for installation. For the interface, Angel gave a clear mark here, on the one hand, to reduce the misinstallation phenomenon during the installation process; On the other hand, it can be convenient for maintenance in the later stage, and users themselves can understand it.

These three lovely “barrels” contain different mysteries. Among them, the RO film on the left is worth us to learn more about, because of its technological innovation, so that the A6 Pro has a small leap in the user experience. The latest 500G RO membrane imported from Dow imported here is ten times larger than the traditional model of 50G, so that it has better capital in water flow, noise control, wastewater ratio control, technology is the greatest competitiveness for a product, no matter the cost to choose the original imported Dow RO membrane technology from the United States, it is also the attitude conveyed by Angel to our consumers.

What pain point does it solve?

Regarding the RO machine, the advantage is that the purification accuracy is extremely high, which can ensure the safety of drinking water to the greatest extent. For example, consumers may be better aware that if a heavy metal water pollution incident occurs in an area, then RO technology is the only solution that can remove all harmful ions, because the ions are too small for other purification solutions.

However, regarding the pain points of the RO principle purifier, we can know one or two from the mouths of users who have used it.

Wastewater is a bit irresponsible than being left alone

In the era of high wastewater ratio, I often said that the use of RO products is a bit unique, and the ratio of pure water to wastewater of 1 to 3 has caused great waste. Because freshwater resources are already precious, this approach is naturally a bit irresponsible. However, through the improvement of the waterway and the upgrade of the filter element, Angel A6 Pro can achieve a pure water and wastewater ratio of far better than the industry of 1.5:1.

Replace the filter element and you could have done it yourself

Angel also made a solution to the problem of filter element replacement, rotating design simple installation, users can purchase filter elements after their own installation. At the same time, A6 Pro will also give consumers interactive feedback on the panel according to the use case, and when it can be replaced, it can be easily understood.

The barrel can also be called the home of bacteria

As mentioned earlier, some models will have a small water flow, in order not to make consumers wait, so they will choose pressure barrels for pre-storage. But on the one hand, pressure barrels may have the risk of bacterial growth; If it is more intuitive, the water in the storage bucket is not new to the user.

The original Dow 500G filter element from the United States can directly increase the throughput by more than twice and solve the problem of slow purification, so of course there is no need for pressure barrels to help.

A report from an authoritative testing agency

There is no basis for words, for a product that focuses on creating healthy drinking water, the evaluation is inevitably a little light. Therefore, in order to ensure the integrity and authority of the test, we specially sent this Angel A6 Pro to the testing center of Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology for product filtration performance test, only through the test, will be convinced by us.

With regard to the report, we have something to popularize

In this report, it is necessary to make an interpretation with consumers, otherwise a lot of data reflects things that consumers may not understand, let’s select a few important indicators to make a clear indication for you.

Why are there no heavy metals?

Heavy metals, you can see iron, fierce, lead, almost nothing changed, why? Because the water source we use is regular tap water, when the tap water leaves the factory, heavy metal ions will be detected and controlled within a reasonable range, so you can see that the number of heavy metal ions in the report is at an extremely low level. As we mentioned earlier, RO is the safest way to deal with sudden water pollution, it is the emergency time rather than saying that we will have a lot of heavy metals in the normal use of tap water, if there are companies so advertised, then it is irresponsible.

How are colonies tested?

Why is the colony of tap water low? Because tap water is disinfected with chlorine, the decomposed hypochlorous acid has a certain bactericidal effect, so bacteria in tap water are not easy to breed. Then, in the colony test, we immerse the machine and then test the resulting sample. You know, if it is a barrel model, after soaking, the bacterial content will increase to a certain extent, and our previous tests have also verified this kind of situation, A6 Pro did not have any problem of increasing the total number of colonies in the rigorous test, and the problem of secondary pollution of bacterial reproduction was perfectly solved by the barrelless design and the rear nano whisker post-activated carbon filter element.

How do you know it’s thoroughly purified?

Let’s focus on the total hardness and conductivity. The total hardness is not difficult to understand, mainly because of the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, the diameter of calcium and magnesium ions is often the same as heavy metals or even smaller, in the comparison before and after the total hardness, we found that there was a large decrease, that is, calcium and magnesium ions were removed by A6 Pro, this ion removal ability is indeed only high-quality RO can do, the test shows that the product in terms of filtration accuracy.

Conductivity also indicates such problems, if there are free ions in the water, then there will be a good conductivity. It can be seen that after purification, the conductivity of the water sample is directly reduced from 233 to 11.2, which is basically close to pure water.

Experiential review, I said he was great value for money

In the experiential test, we conduct a test on the noise, wastewater ratio and water flow of the product. These three items will also directly affect our experience, how does Angel perform? And look.

In terms of noise, the noise of instant purification is not easy to control, because a large pressure is required to allow water to be effectively purified through the RO membrane in a short time, and the RO accuracy is high, so the flow is usually not very large. To change the noise problem, you have to start with the membrane itself, and Angel did it this time. In the test, the noise was controlled below 40 decibels (the ambient noise in the test was around 35 decibels), and it was almost imperceptible to close the cabinet door. The ultra-high throughput of the Dow filter element 500G imported from the United States seems to have achieved advantages not only in terms of flow, but also in terms of noise control.

In fact, in terms of noise suppression, Angel does not only rely on the most advanced membrane technology so simple, this product for the waterway and purifier itself structure has a manufacturing process upgrade, the booster pump in the middle plus sealing technology makes the whole machine tighter, the working process more reasonable.

In the water flow test of the product, a beaker full of 100ml only needs about 1.6S, which is not only comparable to the barrel model, but also performs better than them. Wastewater is a simpler test than here and is about 1.5:1, and it is clear that Angel has made his own considerations when it comes to environmental protection.

Let’s talk about the choice of materials for products

The material of the faucet and the product itself, here we need to mention. The materials of wading are all made of food-grade PP materials, and the health hazards caused by metals such as lead are completely eliminated in the choice of faucet materials, not only following national standards, but also having a higher set of standards.

It seems that not only did the numerical performance in the test perform well, but in terms of the degree of care, Angel is also at the forefront of the industry. Water purifier, not only purification, in our opinion is net and excellent, users put forward the demand for a better experience of the product, then enterprises with smell and technical strength, should try to meet, obviously it has done, value for money lies in this.

In fact, the first water purifier was already available in 1988…

At the end of the review, we recall Angel. Since 1988, Angel has independently developed the first water purifier, which has a history of 25 years, if the impression of Angel is still at the level of water dispensers, then it is too shallow. At the same time, Angel also has the first water technology R&D center… The original imported Dow 500G filter element from the United States this time does not spare any cost, and I hope that good products can set off some waves for the water purifier market that has been calm for a long time.

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