Network high-speed dual gigabit D-Link DIR-823G router measurement

Consumption upgrades continue to drive market changes, especially the continuous rise of the Internet of Things, as a signal relay station between things is particularly important. On the other hand, consumers’ requirements for the quality of life and work have increased, and consumers have gradually changed from paying attention to price to pursuing higher wireless transmission rates, stronger signals, and richer functions, and dual-gigabit routing has also become the general trend. The D-Link DIR-823G router was thus launched.

Measured reasons

As a relocation dog, after moving to a new home, he put his office on the balcony, (who let the balcony light is good) Although the straight-line distance between the balcony and the living room is 7 or 8 meters, but there is a door and two load-bearing walls in the middle, the most important thing is that the electrical appliances next to the router interfere more, completely blocking the router in the corner, and the old router is always frequently dropped, so angry that I want to hit someone, after weighing many factors, I decided to try the D-Link DIR-823G router.

Biography profile

The D-Link DIR-823G router supports dual-band gigabit wireless (wired and wireless gigabit), providing a low-interference, transmission rate of up to 867Mbps 5GHz band wireless network environment, can be connected to smart TV, multimedia player, online games, other devices can also be connected through 2.4GHz connection, up to 300Mbps. D-Link DIR-823G Router Dual-Band Gigabit Wireless Router adopts the new generation IEEE802.11ac wireless technology to transmit and receive up to 1200Mbps wirelessly.

In terms of hardware, the D-Link DIR-823G router has four external antennas to cover the signal longer. It adopts 1HGz processor, 4 Gigabit internal network ports and 1 Gigabit external network port. D-Link DIR-823G router uses dual 2*2MU-MIMO technology, using 802.11ac technology, D-Link DIR-823G router can support the second generation of MU-MIMO transmission at the same time, adding points to the network speed, plus completely solving the “queuing” lag problem in the simultaneous connection of wireless routers and multiple terminal devices.

Beamforming is also a highlight of the D-Link DIR-823G router, beamforming technology can improve system performance, increase the receiving range, especially when multiple antennas are connected, and the built-in gigabit chip, it can provide signal gain even in severe fading conditions.

First experience

The router color is black and white, and the D-Link DIR-823G router is no exception, but each family will do different articles on the front. The D-Link DIR-823G router is laser-cauterized in the top third of the way to create fine twill and bright twill, and the LOGO in the center is the finishing touch. The lower two-thirds are naturally excessive from the center to the sides, supplemented by mirror highlights, which are very high-grade in both feel and vision.

Like other routers, the D-Link DIR-823G router quietly places the heat dissipation holes on the bottom and front side, which is a perfect combination of beauty and practicality.

Measured experience

Friends who are familiar with D-Link know that D-Link has always been a highlight in the router settings of the Intent-Driven Wireless applet is very popular, has not yet covered this new product, will definitely support this product in the near future. Therefore, the author uses the method of computer debugging to illustrate the connection process.

Test bed

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The author first used the wirelessMon professional version for actual testing. WirelessMon is a tool that allows users to monitor the status of wireless adapters and aggregations, display real-time information of surrounding wireless access points or base stations, list the signal strength between computers and base stations, and monitor the transmission speed of wireless networks in real time, so that we can understand the download speed or stability of the network.

Second, I used the Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector for testing. Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector software detects all access points within the wireless search range and displays specific information about the detected wireless. The use of the interface is distinguished by different color bands, and the function is simple and can be turned on or minimized at any time.

From the above two speed measurement software, the wireless signal of this router is stable at -47dBm, we can see that as a home-level router is completely enough, it will not be bothered by sudden slowdown or unexplained disconnection.

To verify further verification, I chose Test Speed for testing. Speed Test Network ( provides you with online free network speed test, ping test, routing test quality services, with domestic and overseas, Netcom, Unicom, telecom, mobile, Great Wall broadband and other comprehensive speed tests.

Through multiple tests online, the data obtained is hardly different. The network environment at home is a 200M network, so I am very satisfied with the speed above this.

At the end of the computer test, the author tried to use the ping method to test it. The function that comes with PING is generally used to detect the normality of the network connection, and many maintenance networks or network management generally pin the network first.

After repeating the test many times above, we can see that the minimum delay is 0ms and the longest is 12ms. Multiple tests did not show packet loss.

Mobile testing

With the rise of smartphone devices, mobile companions play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, so I also tested them on mobile.

Test the environment

Point A

Point B

Point C


As a solution brand in the field of high-quality networks, D-Link routers are constantly innovating and have been growing according to the market in progress. D-Link DIR-823G router adopts dual-band gigabit wireless, a new generation of IEEE802.11ac wireless technology, 5 gigabit ports, especially the performance of the speed test stage makes the author very satisfied. As a router for the home market, being able to fully cover the home wireless without dropping speed must be the common voice and choice of most families, so the D-Link DIR-823G router is a product that cannot be missed.

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