Stop talking about wearing sweaters dirt, that’s because you can’t wear them

Half of winter has passed, and the sisters haven’t figured out how to wear sweaters more fashionably? A few days ago, #How to wear a sweater with a sense of fashion# rushed to the hot search discussion, which shows that this problem has long been urgent! At! Eyebrow! Eyelashes!

This winter, sweater planting grass I believe everyone has already seen a lot, but how to wear sweaters more elegant and more advanced, this is really a skill, let’s first find the answer from the fashionable fairy Bella! Recently, she went out on the street with a striped sweater layered on a suit, full of retro British style, and caused a wave in the fashion circle.

A few days ago, in the airport outfit of the eldest cousin Liu Wen, the big cotton coat was matched with a wide-necked sweater, the neckline and cuffs were exposed, and a “rustic” cotton coat was instantly fashionable by this sweater belt, I have to say that Liu Wen will wear it!

When it comes to fashion, how can you not mention Li Yuchun! When she was on the show, several sets of sweater outfits were taken out and praised, and “complicated prints” and “red with green” were not a problem on her.

There is also Zhou Yutong, a “part-time” dressing blogger, who wears a handy boyish style with a white knitted vest suit, so that fans can’t help but call it too cool!

What are the tricks to wear sweaters like them and feel fashionable, so let’s take stock with Sister Ba!

It is also important to choose a sweater

Fabric, color, cut can not be less

Before learning “how to wear a sweater out of fashion”, we must first have a relatively high-end sweater, where we can roughly start with materials, colors and cuts!

In terms of material, thick fabrics will look much higher than thin fabrics.

The soft sweater cannot support the texture, and when worn alone, it will give people a “cramped feeling” that cannot be let go, and it is difficult to link with the sense of premium.

Secondly, the color aspect is also the focus of consideration, in contrast, the splicing of multiple color blocks gives people a sense of vitality, while a single color, although low-key, is often more able to convey a sense of premium.

It is worth noting that solid colors are also divided into different saturations, and sweaters in autumn and winter recommend neutral colors, as well as colors with low saturation, which can brighten the shape in autumn and winter without being too high-profile, in line with the definition of high-end.

Finally, you must pursue a clean, neat cut to appear more atmospheric and neat, showing elegance and making the charm up.

You can also choose some sweaters with a sense of design, and the high-grade cut makes the sweater itself more complete and attractive.

Sweaters are worn with fashionable and advanced skills

Rich hierarchical visual system


Knowing how to choose a high-end sweater, the next thing is how to match it with sweaters to help us take our look to the next level, here, we can start from the following three aspects.

Break the monotony of dressing

Use sweaters to enrich the whole

As we all know, winter is a season of layering, whether you dress beautifully or not, it all depends on your layering skills, and a sweater just happens to be an excellent item to enrich the shape, effectively strengthening your dressing style, so that your outfit is focused and more elegant and advanced!

The use of different styles of mutual superposition is the simplest and most direct way to enhance the layering of wearing, the layering of styles is better and not easy to overturn, and it is more friendly to novices.

Jiang Shuying took the lead in making a demonstration, and the superposition of the four styles of cashmere jacket, suit, vest sweater and turtleneck sweater enriched the layering of the outfit and effectively strengthened the elegance of the overall outfit.

Fashion bloggers are obviously well versed in this, choosing a bright sweater cardigan as an embellishment for the overall look, enriching the color matching and strengthening the overall color system, the style is unified and layered.

Of course, layered clothing does not only rely on clothing to achieve, necklaces, scarves and other items can also be used as part of the layer, such as thicker and smaller sweaters layered more will look bloated, then you can use necklaces or scarves to create layers.

The style of necklace stacking is still popular, rich basic sweaters, solve the monotony and boring, the choice of hardware compared to the full metallic silver, gold adds a little stability and texture, and the tone of knitting is very matched,

Keep the vision focused

Distinguish between primary and secondary relationships

Layering is a whole sense of layering and harmony, overly complex mashup is easy to wear into a “Christmas tree”, too many colors and elements will be a little eye-catching, pay attention to the trade-offs are the most important.

If there are highly saturated items in the wardrobe that collide with dark or neutral colors as much as possible, control the area ratio, and like painting, the color matching is also particular about white space, highlighting only one point of view. Lazy people are more suitable for matching with the same color.

Fashion blogger Leon chooses similar colors of the same color to superimpose on each other, cleverly playing the visual effect of color transition, so that the whole outfit is cleverly linked into a whole, elegant and high-class.

In terms of elements, the layering between patterns is often achieved through the mutual superposition of simple and traditional patterns, and the combination of simple and traditional patterns can not only complement each other, but also effectively increase the visual focus of your outfit, making the whole more coordinated and natural.

Fashionable sweater dressing formula

One Stack, Two Stacks Three Set

In addition to some of the above methods, this year is also particularly popular for several sweater wearing methods, the formula column, directly copy it!

Formula 1: The sweater is tied to the coat

The recent hit of “The Crown” has made Princess Diana’s classic “put a sweater over your shoulders” dressing method once again blowing a strong wind, draped a red sweater over her shoulders, coupled with the classic shape of loosely tying a knot, which is now repeatedly appreciated and borrowed by fashionistas.

It’s just that this year, this method has been upgraded again.

Sweaters can not only be draped over light T-shirts, but also over thick coats and coats, perfectly replacing scarves and achieving better warmth.

Fashion blogger Lindsey Holland interprets the fashionable charm of sweater shawls, and there is no sense of contradiction in wearing them over leather jackets.

Draped over the long coat, a sense of staggered layers is instantly formed, making the coat no longer boring, and the shoulder shape of the coat has become richer.

A bright sweater draped over the shoulders, sweeping away the dullness of winter, no wonder fashionistas can’t help but use it to play with contrast and match, “draping” the sweater out of the circle.

Formula 2: Layering shirts becomes Preppy Style in seconds

Authentic shirts and sweaters always create a Preppy style, retro chic and high-class.

You can wear it casually for a lazy comfort and a slimming effect, and see how fashion bloggers control it.

Solid color sweaters are best paired with non-error-prone sweaters, perfect for commuting girls, and a white shirt or white T-shirt is sophisticated enough.

Don’t forget that layering in the same color is also a favorite trick of trendy girls, and Maria’s purple fur vest is very expressive with a blue shirt.

Formula 3: Wear knitted transformation set underneath

The most advanced and easiest way to wear a sweater is to directly wear it with a suspender knit of the same color on the basis of the sweater cardigan and turn it into a suit.

This year, bloggers are wearing it like this, and if they don’t understand it, they can also buy it directly through the brand, and many brands have rushed to launch knitted suits this year, which can be regarded as a “lazy welfare”.

The cardigan can be taken off at any time, and blogger Sabina Socol is half-shouldered, sexy and casual.

Or turn into the most hit shoulder of the year, the suit perfectly solves the trouble that the shoulder sweater is difficult to wear, and it takes a second to go out and blow up the street Look.

Having said all this, I’m not afraid that the sisters won’t wear sweaters, I’m afraid you won’t be able to wear them! What other fashionable sweater wearing method, welcome to leave a message to share with Sister Ba!

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